Jarrow Sea Cadets

Discussion in 'SCC and URNU' started by Astronomican, Feb 22, 2010.

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  1. T.S. Raleigh - Jarrow Sea Cadets
    Curlew Road, Jarrow, NE32 3DX
    Tel: 0191 4838838 (24-hour answerphone)

    We are looking for more youngsters aged 10-18 to join as Cadets, and adults who wish to be members of Staff. All are welcome! :)

    If interested, contact us at the telephone number above. Or if you wish to talk to us face-to-face, come along and see us - we are open Monday and Thursday nights 6:30pm until 9.30pm.
  2. Remeber TS Raleigh well; done my 'time' there from about 1964 till I joined up in 1967! Drove past the place recently and brought back good memories of a different age! Good luck in your quest to kee the old place going.
  3. I left Jarrow unit to join the RN in 1964. (Lt Cdr Barrington the CO, ?? Solly 1st Lieut when I was there)
  4. Astro, we found the following went along way to recruiting both staff and cadets. So-much-so that we now turn kids away.

    First, develop your unit website (remembering that you have until May 9th to move to your new MSSC site). Your old site (below) is very sparse...

    SeaCadets: Jarrow Compare this to Barnsley SeaCadets: Barnsley

    Secondly, you need to promulgate the website address wherever possible; starting with giving address slips to the kids. Supply the address to Local/Community/council forums that advertise activities for the people in your community. For your area, this is a good place to start...
    Hype! - Helping Young People Evolve | South Tyneside

    Good luck.

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