Japs and English...is it still acceptable??

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Nostrinian, Dec 13, 2007.

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  1. Today, yours truly was sat out in front of a mixed bag or SR and (mostly)JRs-without going deeply into what was going on (an informal briefing, amazing what you sometimes cover) I said the word "Japs" - and in doing that, was refering to "The Japanese Peoples". At no time did (in my opinion) say anything that could be construed as racist or offensive, however after Id said the J word for (probably) the third time there was some slightly nervous laughter among the lads.... I asked what was up, and the general reply was "Japs" could be taken as a possibly offensive word. Im not Roger Right On, but Im certainly not Alf Garnett either. Is "Japs" offensive? Everyone is so acutely sensitive these days. What else can you not say? Any top Instructors/PFS experts/2SL types out there?? Was I wrong?
  2. Glad you didnt mention the Krauts.
  3. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Nah, one of our local sky pilots made a reference to "a nip in the air" and the PC brigade failed to see the funny side.

    What is wrong is your audience reaction. Far to PC, they need to realise that this comfy little love bubble our dear leaders have made isn't reflective of the real world and I mean the real world as in not just in Britain.

    You would of been better of saying something like "the honky white bastard hating Japanese".....no one would of battered an eyelid.
  4. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Perhaps we should shift the August public hols so as to celebrate Nuking the Nips.
  5. I dont think they were offended by the actual word "J$%s" but the fact that I may have used a word that was not completely 100% correct and could be construed as me actually being possibly not 100% commited to all things equal,bright and beautiful. Anyway, another lesson learnt for me. Its all getting so puritan like, not sure if its such a good way to be for the forces - a few years ago, I remember sitting in a tilly on the way to some base, proper mixed bag of allsorts in the van, what a laugh it was, slatting each other...you can still do that , but if you do it in the wrong context, at the wrong time, beware....
  6. Is Japs 'offensive'? Well if the little PC darlings find that offensive ask them if they find the Rape of Nanking 'offensive' or the treatment of Allied POW's 'offensive'.
  7. With the multi-cultural society we now have ,words have become a mine-field. When in the mob the word bastard could result in a bunch of fives, in Oz it's a word commonly used to address a mate, ' 'Ow are yer you old bastard '. Now , put a foot wrong , and you're in court for racist remarks. Such remarks in the wrong context can be intentionally offensive, yours clearly wasn't. The PC brigade is in charge at the moment however and even the slightest comment can present the opportunity for court and , of course , compensation. I'll nip off now for a coffee.
  8. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I take it some of the more traditional nicknames are now becoming un PC?

    Names like, Lofty, midnight, shorty, sambo, porky, chalky, ginge etc...
  9. We were told, when in Japan, never to ask for fish and nips!
  10. And never mention elections
  11. Calling people Japs, if they are Japanese, is no more offensive than calling British people Brits FFS!
  12. After the atrocities committed by the armed forces of Japan, in China, the Phillipines, Indonesia and on the high seas, anything we call them other than murderous bastards would be a distortion of the truth. If they don't like it, tell them to read the true history of WW II. Japs + Nazis = war criminals to me.
  13. as a serving "jock" "scot" "haggis muncher" "skirt wearer" "sweaty sock"
    etc etc, i feel i have grounds for complaint.
    yeah right. its who we are paki - pakistani
    jap - japanese
    scot - scottish
    whats the problem?

  14. Back in my younger days I was reported for referring to and calling a black Officer Cadet 'Smudge' by a PC fvckwit at a college I was attending at course at…

    The name of the Cadet?

    Geoff Smith…
  15. The lads have been conditioned (in the outside world) to play the PC game, but also they are good lads, in my opinion, who actually are multicultural, who do all work together regardless of any background, race or origin, this I have observed, and I think in the mob that as a JR that has actually always been the way, or at least it has been since Ive been in (24 years-sprog I know, I know). And my rambling point - the lads now know that we play a game- the PC game. They know we shouldnt say "Japs". We know that they know..... They know that we know that they know. And so it goes on, the great game!!!!!!!
  16. Safeguard if you say "P*kis" mate you are on a loser. Dont ask me why just a gut feeling. From now on I am sticking to the BBC spoken version of all nations, nobody on the BBc refers to Pakistanis as "P*kis", Afghans is ok, Iraqis is okay, P*kis is out- check it out.
    Aussies is okay, slightly informal, but okay.Kiwis is okay. Yanks is slightly derogatory - why??
    Krauts is out, totally. And justifiablly.
    We could go on, and on its a good idea.
    Boggies -out, and justifiably.
    Spics? Out.
  17. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    this is now takin the piss
  18. I take it referring to Gyppos et al as 'bloody wogs' is out then?

    I guess we'll never hear anything like this in the Houses of Parliament again?

    "the Right Honourable Member for Woodford thinks that the 'wogs' begin at Calais"
    George Wigg MP
  19. Japs and nips is a racist remark and should be banned from the Queens English.

    Slant eyed tawts is better.

    Anybody that hunts whales in my book is a cnut
  20. Shit I must be a racist!


    When you go home. tell them of us.


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