Japanese whalers capture Brit and Aussie...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by stumpy, Jan 15, 2008.

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  1. I'd say it's probably guarding the Falklands, approx 6000nm from said incident :thumright:
  2. Anyone for illegal detention?

    I suppose you can get a bit of a nip down there.
  3. Yes, but a lot closer than the UK...
  4. Sink the whalers! :threaten:
    SB rescue followed by a pair of Sea Skua for fun.
  5. Send in a team to take back the Brit and Aussie and then disable their rudder and hauling gear. Also take all their tools and lob them overboard, and radio.
  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    And tell them their father was a hamster?
  7. Conquerer where are you?
  8. Think we should wait and get the whole story before we send the troops in.

    I am against whaling in any form, be it scientific or commercial, but if the environmentalists boarded the ship without permission, or attempted to damage equipment on the ship after boarding they may be legally being detained
  9. Random quote of the day
  10. Apparently they were delivering a letter saying that the Aussies had just banned whaling in those waters (which are under Aussie jurisdiction). I say a paper at breakfast which had a photo of them tied to the rails...

  11. And their mother smelled of elderberries
  12. Seen the phot of them tied up, but we only have their word that they were delivering a letter and that they were allowed onboard. And as we know environmentalists never ever stretch the truth do they. But please do not believe that i am defending the whalers, i just want the full story.
  13. The RAF have launched a "Pre-emptive Strike" and
    two dealers of death have just left RAF Brize Norton for
    the long haul down south........

  14. PMSL....that's great...and I thought our flyboy's had it bad.... :thumright:
  15. Direct action is sometimes the only course left to take.
  16. Re: Japanese capture Brit and Aussie...

    Why? Are they rebuilding their railways?

    I've harpooned a few whales myself.

    You're better off saying you will phone - then don't bother.

    Or are you talking about the big fish type things - as opposed to the big things that smell of fish?
  17. Heard a representative of the Japanese whaling industry on Jeremy Vine's show today, justifying the killing of whales for scientific purposes by sayng that unless they get ear wax from the whale - for which they have to kill it - they won't know how old it was! Apparently this knowledge is required so that they can predict future populations........ as a source of protein. Why not just say "we kill them because we like eating them"?

    As to the 2 prats who got caught after illegally boarding someone else's ship, what would we do if activists were to "invade sovereign UK territory" by boarding one of HM's grey warriors? I don't imagine anyone on here would disagree with arresting them? Granted it'd be difficult to get away with lashing them to the Main, but I'd bet we'd like to do it!
  18. The only countries that recognise Aussie jurisdiction of thoses waters are New Zealand, France, Norway and the UK. As far as the Japanese are conserned it's the high seas!
  19. I am in no way a fan of the Japanese whaling industry and I believe it should be stopped. However, the the two Sea Shepherd personnel made an illegal boarding of the Japanese catcher and as such the Japs had a right to detain them, especially as the Sea Shepherd organisation has a reputation for very radical action - so much so that Greenpeace is reluctant to work with them and is carrying out its own protests in the area. I have a suspicion that this was a stunt designed by Sea shepherd to make the Japs do something rash.

    What the Japs should be doing is taking them to the nearest port and handing them over to the police. Given that the nearest port is Fremantle some 3000 miles away, it would be more practical to call up the Customs vessel Oceanic Viking that is in the area and hand them over to them.

    The Japs do not have the right to hold them on board any longer than necessary, or use them as hostages for Sea Shepherds good behaviour, and certainly not to secure them to the hand rails with cable ties as shown in the pictures.

    While whaling in the sanctuary is illegal under Australian law the Japs do not recognise it. Therefore the decision to be made is how far do we push this? Do we continue to protest to the UN and IWC or do we send warships to enforce the law directly?. However the ramifications would enormous if this action was taken. Next year do the Japs send warships to protect the whalers? Do we end up with a small war in the Southern Ocean over this issue? Does the government have the balls to see it through?

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