Japanese Minister Commits Hari Kiri

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by andym, May 29, 2007.

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  1. I think some of our own Polititians should take note and possibly follow suit!

    Japanese minister kills himself

    Toshikatsu Matsuoka was embroiled in a financial scandal
    Japan's Agriculture Minister Toshikatsu Matsuoka has died in hospital after apparently committing suicide.
    The 62-year-old was found hanged in his Tokyo apartment hours before he was to face questions in parliament over his links to a political funding scandal.

    Opposition MPs had been calling for his resignation over unexplained expenses.

    PM Shinzo Abe expressed regret over the news saying he was conscious of his "responsibility as prime minister, and as the one who appointed him".

    "The effects on the cabinet will be great," Mr Abe added as he went to attend a wake for the deceased minister late on Monday.

    Mr Matsuoka was found unconscious in his flat around lunchtime on Monday. Efforts to resuscitate him at hospital failed.

    Police said he had hanged himself, but refused to comment on reports in the Japanese press that he had left a number of suicide notes in his apartment.

    It is the first time a Japanese cabinet minister has killed himself since World War II, when the army minister committed suicide on news of Japan's surrender.

    Funding questions

    Mr Matsuoka was embroiled in two political scandals, though he denied any wrong-doing.

    He had allegedly claimed more than 28m yen ($236,600; £118,300) in utility fees at his parliamentary office, where utility costs are free.

    It was also alleged that he had received electoral campaign donations from a businessman linked to a bid-rigging scandal.

    Mr Abe had vigorously defended his minister, often against the advice of some within his own party, saying he had fulfilled his legal responsibilities.

    The BBC's Chris Hogg in Tokyo says Mr Matsuoka's death is another blow for Mr Abe's government.

    Even before news of Mr Matsuoka's death emerged, opinion polls published on Monday suggested support for Mr Abe's administration was already at the lowest point since he took office eight months ago.

  2. So the question is.........
    Is it an honourable thing to do or the actions of a coward not willing to face his responsibilities?

    I mean suicide in general, not just this case.
  3. Suicide can be either , obviously, couragous or cowardly . In this case it was a coward ' s way out as he wouldn't face the music . However , usually in Japan it is to pay for dis-honouring the family or service whatever . Ritual suicide in Japan is by dis-embowelment I understand . In other cultures where people are in pain or facing impossible situations this may be the only way out , a right I believe everyone should have . I belong to a group, Exit International, that supports euthanasia in the case of extreme pain or suffering with terminal illness . I suppose ending one's own life is an extreme response to an extreme situation . Unusual for a pollie though as they're so thick skinned they'd lie their way out of anything . Still sad in some way as he was no doubt someone's dad or hubby, such is death .
  4. Problem with this, is it leaves too many unanswered questions, instead of closure this will now drag on for those involved...creates problems...[​IMG]
  5. Can we send some of our politicians to Japan for further instruction in this art?
  6. I think this is time :excited: to call for nominations.
  7. While not wishing for any of our politicians to commit hari kari it would be nice if the course lead to them learning enough to be ablt to put in their resignations.
  8. But isn't hari kiri just the ultimate in resignations, if you aregoing to do it do it well.

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