Come on Wits, you've got to get your Asians sorted out; that AK girl is Chinese and Frogger's mates are Korean. The ugly munters are enjoying the latest craze to hit Japan, where they insert inflatable 'donuts' beneath the skin, which they can then blow up and make Os in various facial locations. They're not all quite as ugly as the ones you've posted but they are all just as fu*#ed in the head. A couple of weeks ago there was a bunch of them in a Roppongi club and they looked like something out of a cartoon, that had been hit with a comedy sledgehammer.

Halloween, on the other hand, did not disappoint again this year. I LOVE the deep need the Jap girls have to dress up as dirty witches, nurses, police women, cats and, to be honest, anything else that involves stockings and suspenders :love4:.

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