Japan launches her new 'destroyer'

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by jaggers, Aug 13, 2013.

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  1. Bit slow there Matey! I posted a similar thread days ago not realisng it hs been done in 'Aircraft Carriers' already.
  2. Even ARRSE beat RR to it on this one. Nice looking vessel though. On time and looks like on budget too.
  3. Maybe we should have got the Japs to build ours?
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  4. Well... we built their Battlecruisers (Kongo Class) way back.... maybe its time they repaid the favour.
  5. To quote the wise words of Marty McFly.

    "All the best stuff is made in Japan."
  6. And they sank ours in 1942, how the world turns?
  7. Vicious little so n so's aren't they? Someone needs to send the Bailiffs round.
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  8. Great scot, Marty...............Heavy duty, Doc !.......just love that trilogy !
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  9. My great Uncle Eric who had the POW sunk from underneath his feet is still a bit miffed to this day.
  10. He wasn`t that great then.

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