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Well it would appear that there is finally a little light at the end of the ‘BRNC wait’ tunnel, according to the Selection Officer I am down on the list for January-woo! Although nothing is set is stone, and I wait with bated breath, I am very excited!!

I have just been reading the BRNC posts, rather than colouring in a street scene on Photoshop for some dodgy housing development, and I have a few questions.

Can anyone recommend a decent rules of the road book? Am I right to think that – ‘A Seaman's Guide to the Rule of the Road’ might be the way forward?

I wonder if anyone has any hints and tips concerning productive ways to spend my time pre- BRNC (aside from the usual "get fit"). I am mind numbingly bored in the office so all suggestions welcome! :thumright:
Hi Sara,

The Seamans guide is the defacto book used in RN, RNR, URNU and Civvy street alike - if you are going in as warfare then you need to know this verbatim.

As far as a warm up, go to your local RNR branch (If you're in Birmingham then HMS Forward is your local) and see if you can tag along with the Junior Officer's training. Ask nicely, they might be feeling charitable.

A nice other trick is to go down to Dartmouth itself and have a look around the town. You can also get yourself on one of the BRNC tours (www.brnc.co.uk) which takes you around the less sensitive, more ornate areas of the college.

I'm submitting this post having spent the last 4 months preparing for BRNC in 5 days time. I'm sure I'll say something completely different after I've done a term there!

rather than buying the Seaman's Guide I can email you a copy just of the COLREGS. You have to learn them verbatim anyway when you get to the college so it makes life simpler to crack on now. It probably worth learning shoe bulling, ironing and hospital corners also. If your really keen you could get an RYA Book about coastal nav and start learning buoyage and stuff also. Anything else you wanna know just let me know, I'm heading back to phase two on sunday so i'll be a senior when you join in Jan so I'm happy to help.


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Hey Pashton and thank you for the advice dit. I would love any help that you are willing to forward! I can't wait to get to BRNC, and would like to put in some of the leg work now so that I am ahead of the game!

Some of us are dying to get the low down on Phase One at BRNC so if you feel like writing a quick blurb it would be greatly appreciated.
Yeah that thread there was written by one of the lads in my division. I will say though that we're the last one's going through the old course so things are going to change next phase. For example if you join in Jan you'll pass out the same time as me! However once I find out anything new next phase I'll try and stick it up here.
The basic Idea is that everyone will now do four phases instead of the different amounts for different specialisations. The phase one leadership assements are being renamed and retasked and to quote the STO all training will now be more "professional", which does ask questions about what the point of the old course is. One thing to remember is that you don't actually get trained to do anything at Dartmouth (Stand fast BSSC) its all about indoctrination and inculating the basic principles of life in the RN.
I'm X(SM), and to be totally honest I've been bored since week two of leave. Oddly it doesn't seem that gruelling as your that busy you don't notice! After week three it calms down anyway as you don't have rounds. More time in the evenings is always nice!


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Did you always want to be X(SM)? I am DGE X. This may be a lame question but I wondered if you could tell me the approx ratio of males:females at BRNC? (I am not trying to chase trouser honest
There's a good few women these days, could't really tell you exactly but theres four girls in my division of 18. Yeah always wanted sm, it was a choice between that and mine warfare, mainly for the small ships atmosphere but theres no promotion in mine warfare alas. I'm sure your not trouser chasing but be aware there'll be plenty who'll be trying to chase you, it gets a bit incestual at the college some times ;)


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^^^I can only imagine. I will try my upmost not to get involved with any sexual politics, in my humble opinion it only leads to trouble. So another 7 weeks and you are off on IST? Any idea where you are headed?
Yeah I am ex URNU, for myself I found it very helpful but thats mainly because I spent about 7 months at sea in 3 years. We have some people who were URNU who know less than some of the guys who come straight from civvie street. Its all about the nav and rule of the road really neither of which are actually that mega at the college. It doesn't really apply properly until JWOC

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