jesse said:
Where be the Blackbird to?
Oi knows her

'Er knows me

I knows where that blackbird be.....................................

Permanent display at Battleship Park, Mobile, Alabama.

With a nice big 16" Battleship and the USS Drum for the sludgemariners.

(granny) said:
cornishgolfer said:

Sad buggers
Not the version we used to sing in the 50's.
The WURZELS ? Bad speaking lot from Bristol :pukel: - only people who can make a Janner sound college edumificated.

I know where there's a blackbird's nest, I know where ee be,
Ee be in yon wurzel bush, an' I be after ee.
Ee sees I, an I sees ee, ee calls I a bugger and a liar,
and if I gets up to that blackbird's nest, I'll catch the bugger on fire,
Oh I wish I was back 'ome in Dorset, where the birds they fly so high.
I claps my 'ands like buggery, just to watch they blackbirds fly.

(The Yetties version, from darkest Dorset)
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