Janners revenge!!!!!


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Lorry stuck on bridge for two days after diversion
A lorry became stuck on a narrow bridge in Cornwall for two days after following a police diversion.

Published: 2:29PM BST 10 Aug 2009

A crane was needed to help move the HGV Photo: APEX
The driver of the 44 tonne HGV found himself unable to move after getting stuck on Trenarth Bridge, near Port Navas.

The lorry, which was taking concrete slabs to Royal Naval Air Station, RNAS Culdrose, got stuck after the driver took a diversion through the lanes because of a road closure on the main Falmouth to Helston road.

Paul Mclean, from the Wolverhampton-based road haulier and distribution company, K Transport Services, who own the lorry, said that the driver said he was diverted by police.

"He was sent off the road by the police diversion," he said.

"The driver told us that he was told which way to go by the police.

"He carried on going that way and the road got narrower and narrower and he got stuck."

The unfortunate driver had to spend two days living in his "sleeper cab".

:lol: :p :lol: Serves the Brummy twat right!!! Janners revenge!!!!!
And they say Janners are stupid?

Too funny, does that truck not have a reverse gear, surley the brain trust could hve figured out that the road was getting a bit thinner than his lorry and decided to stop and reverse somewhere.
Just possibly the wagon driver had unerring faith in the janner scuffs. I expect it was beyond belief that they’d sent him down a road that he couldn’t possibly fit through. I would also imagine that trying to reverse a 40 foot artic down a windy lane would be interesting, to say the least.
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