Janner , Wrecks . Topstop , SB and co.

An alternative might be essence Eau du 'stoker po's mess' fragrence, captured after a run ahore on the piss (was their ever any other kind), followed by a massive Madras curry.......memories are made of this....;). Strong constitution we had in those days, should be Imortalised and made available for those who missed out.
There is a small section of my journey home where I pass a static water pond, I automatically switch on my re-circ. I suggest that's what the smell is like :)
Not even close.

Seriously, go into a local supermarket the day after a boat has come in from a patrol - just stand by the door sniffing, I'm sure nobody will notice...... Anyway, despite having had a shower or two, sooner or later you'll see/smell the unique boat odour wafting by. It definitely lingers.

I recall going up into the loft and finding a box full of books and notes etc that I'd had onboard - it still had the smell!

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