Janes Fighting Ships

Discussion in 'History' started by navyeo60, Aug 7, 2007.

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  1. I'm well chuffed today. Just seen I have got Janes Fighting Ships 1960-1961 off flea bay for £14. That will give me hours of memories, call me a sado but I'm realy over the moon.
  2. If you search Janes Fighting Ships on Google many on line book shops sell them, most years are available

    I have
    1965/66 £30 Mint Condition
    1975/6 £5 bit tatty from local library
    1990/1 £15 V/Good condition awaits collection in UK in Oct.
    2004/6 £54 V/Good condition no fly sheet. Including postage USA to Spain for 3 kilo of book.

    A new edition will cost just about £500 where else can you get a 1000 odd pages of great ship pics and details for £15. You know it makes sense.

  3. Not a sado; just nostalgic for prouder times, perhaps. The days when BLAKE, LION and TIGER still looked like Cruisers.
  4. I gave up on ebay after buying over 20 Janes (along with loads of other can't miss bargains). Pride of joy is a well thumbed 1939 issue with pencil notations of war losses. I have a few reprints as well. The library covers from 1898 (1st one) up to 1994 in 5 year steps.

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