Jane's Fighting Ships - Bargain

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by Cspook, Jul 11, 2014.

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  1. Not sure if this is appropriate, but I have just picked up the bargain of the year and thought I would share. The navybooks website is once again offering a recent edition of JFS at over £500 off the rrp. They did the same last year, but stock ran out very quickly. This year they have the 2012/2013 edition for only £99 including UK p&p. Book can be found on their home page.
  2. How can they justify £600 for a book. I didn't pay that for my first edition of "fly fishing" by JR Hartley
  3. Thanks for that heads up..... That is indeed a bargain. Would i pay £600+ for it :shock:.....NO WAY.

    But at £99 i just couldn't resist. Ordered and on its way :glasses7:
  4. How many pages for the RN?
    Or do we just get a couple of paragraphs
  5. I think we're in the addenda at the back :crybaby:
  6. A walk to the bridge worked for me!!! Sod paying for Janes!!!! OK as a publication but never as good as the magazine!
  7. Got about 40 copies of warship world in the garage if anybody wants them?

    Donated not mine :)
  8. JFH, I'd take those if you'd accept price of postage?
  9. You'd bankrupt me, got to feed the kids

    Seriously if anybody wants them they can pick them up from near Huntingdon, Cambs ⚓️
  10. Accept me paying price of postage! Unfortunately not in Cambs any time soon.

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