jancocks for oxygen thief

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by ET(MESM)whogivesafeck, Aug 17, 2007.

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  1. i can't be arsed with the tosser...neither should you, ETME
  2. I don't normally go along with stuff like this, but I will make an exception here.
    To actually go through the process of creating an alter-ego purely to hound and stalk a prospective member of the RN into considering leaving this site is fecking disgraceful.
    In my opinion the title "Oxygen Thief" doesn't go far enough for this, he/she should have all accounts deleted like the deadwood they are!
  3. Yes, O2 thief the CNUT. What he did was gutless and very low.
    Even the most tolerant of us could find Credders a little trying at times, maybe because we're all a bit world weary and or worldly wise and his enthusiasm for all things RN reminded us of how daft we were at his age (Still am in my case).
    The thing I find most disturbing is that it took so long after the cnut posted his shit for it to be removed, the Gash Barge is verbotten but browsers, lurkers and Uncle Tom Cobbly can view a potential RN rating getting ripped to shreds by some vindictive twat and nothing is done. BZ the Mods. :pukel: NOT
  4. gonna stand up for the mods here they cant sit here all day monitoring posts they might have jobs or other commitments
  5. Wierd sense of humour does he have a pass out??
  6. Couldn't agree more. Credders may be a bit wet behind the ears but that's no crime, particularly in the Newbies forum. He's certainly done nothing to deserve such a vindictive and malicious vendetta pursued by some obsessive sicko who lied and created a new identity to hide behind while he did it. What message will this have sent out to other potential recruits who log on to our site? Thank goodness for the decent 'Sea Daddy' types who won't tolerate such cowardly bullying.
  7. i think he's got another couple of aliases know
  8. The Mental Health Trust I work for has recently started allowing service users (patients) access to the internet.

    So you never know now who you are talking to.

    Patient confidentiality does not permit me to check for you, but, i can look for the ones with the really muscular arm and a left handed mouse.......
  9. He did what he did and got caught. No problems however I don't think a witch hunt is needed, or even this pole.
    I don't know what rate Jan Cox is but if he is any senior than able rate he really needs to mature.
  10. yes ETMe
    u like walts jancox and 2twats same person

    Iknow, i did read it, In my opinion he`s not worth the hassle after what he did under an alias, everything you want to know about me is here, what i did where i live, there are people on this site who know me personally, why people have to hide behind another beats me, as far as I`m concerned hes an arsehole, end of story.
    The other disturbing thing that came out of it, is that I`m curious how Oberon being a Submariner could be working on 819`s Sea King in the Falklands? Is there something kept secret? Do Submarines have Aircraft onboard them nowadays? I think that we should be told.
  11. r u trying to say i'm a walt to and it's against op sec to say if we have aircraft on boats
  12. I acted as quick (ie as early as i got up!!) as i could!!

    If i got paid for this then yeah maybe I'd sit all day and night looking for knob jockeys like this one!!
    Unfotunatly Im not- so I dont - besides, I have other things to do at night!![​IMG][​IMG]
  13. If you read my profile you will see that I was not always a submariner. Joined as a chef worked at Gannet/819 then joined Dolphin in Sept 82 for boats course. Recatted to Sonar in '84. Not hard to follow.
  14. OOps getting old Higs as am I.
    We forget that small but important contingent of fisheads most squadrons used to carry. Writer, cooks & stewards and the old SA.
  15. Just to reiterate what I put on another thread, I'm geniunely embarressed for all Wafu's that he's one of us. Don't tar us with the same brush as that toilet for pity's sake.
  16. He's been banned so lets get on with life. Problem is he's like Voldemort, he'll be back at some point. I'm not loosing any sleep over him and no one else should.
  17. Higgy

    Hi mate. I'm another ex-handler and have recently replied on the AH site ref the 'hot fire' rig. Unless you went to the Coventry do a few years back I don't think we've met, couldn't make the biggy but the pics look like everyone enjoyed themselves. I've just rejoined RR after changing my e-mail so I'm back as thrungerman (ex-thrunger). By a stroke of good fortune my older bruv who was a stoker on the Ark 75 - 77 (why I joined FAA!) joined subs in 78 and was on Oppossom until late 82 and then guess where he went ?.... yep Oberon so he would have known this prick. especially if he was a cook cos their were only a couple on 'O' boats. I'll get him to read the threads and see if any alarm bells ring.

    Yours aye

    Jerry Pearce
    I`ve alwayss said dont PM me i will post it, i have answered this in a PM because Ive been celebrating for no reason, if anyone can explain this post to me then do so, I sometimes get angry, and now it goes without saying, i have no time for people who say that they are something else, and as for BH give us all a break and FO, The problem with moderators on this site is that they are a pain in the arse, just zip, then moderate if you have too, jeeeeez if you want a hard time go to www.romft.com.
  18. chill out hig this threads about jancocks/2twats not the mods
  19. And yourself and your Sister/in law what ever , I`m well known on this site for being a Friendly, Amicable , Human Caring sort of person, and you my friend who, has not even finished training yet, but knows all the answers, should take time out and spend less time on here and more on what you have to do to pass out, if that offends you, well here`s another thought, said with kindness, "FUCK OFF"

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