Jan Berry


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Gr eings Fred and all my old oppos out there.Been off the grid for a family and medical reasons. Herr indoors is now totally bed ridden with arthritis, then I had problems with my own sanitary system which revealed Ive got prostate cancer, but they cant remove because I,ve apparently got a dodgy ticker. **** knows how , Il ways thou ght enjoying rude health was knowing you could get your leg over when and where you could. Alas, them days are long for me. I sit here with SKY and BT and plenty of vodka £14.11 from Aldi. I,ve become very all about on tornados, natural disasters and all sorts of military stuff going back to Julius Caesar and beyond. Might sound boring, but I,ve got the six kids, 16 grandkids and 5 or is it 6 great grand kids ? But no matter, I bet none of them will have as much fun as I have, or had so many great shipmates that I can remember. All the very best to you all Jan B aka Lsa dirty


War Hero
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Welcome back to the site Jan, sorry to hear about all the problems you've been going through but at least the docs haven't stopped you having a wet.

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