Jan 7th intake



Any ladies and gentlemen going for the 7th of January 2018 intake for steward apprentice struggling to find anyone ?


Lantern Swinger
Stewards, cooks and deckies will all start the same day at Raleigh. Don't fret about getting to know people, it's part of the Sunday evening ritual. You go there with a bond with one other already formed it can isolate you from all the other newbies.
Just relax, I wrote everyone's name down as I introduced myself, with their home town as well.
Within 24 hours you'll know everyone no probs.

From a previous thread about joining!


Lantern Swinger
You won't be the be the only one. Everyone will be nervous, just relax and enjoy the whole experience. You'll look back at this and think what was all the panic about. I promise you.

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