Jammie Lee Grace

As a listener to Radio 2 on a daily basis I have come to hate this sperm recepticled eco warrior with three kids and extra large fanny with the I'm a superior save the planet cnut attitude ably assisted by that baldie headed kurp Steve Wright and the other "single cnut that helps as well. Don't you just want to kick the feckers to death and butt rape their kids

Angry from Peckham


Lantern Swinger
And she probably got hairy armpits and legs and fanny she is probably a right minger. The eco warrior types also get on fcuking nerves always fcuking preaching. Spit roast the bitch.


Be good if someone stuffed something big enough to shut "o i do like the sound of my own voice"Wright up long enough for a song to play without him gobbing off over it. Better still just blow him up.
Although I regularly listen to Radio 2 I have given up on the Steve Wright show so I don't have to listen to the smug witterings of JLG who seems to feel the need to remind us all that she's a vegetarian at least twice every show.

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