James B has real mental issues.

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So after brilliant meltdown on the forums in which he started throwing around the fact he raised some money for H4H once and we must all be eternally grateful. He has moved on to PM. Here is the transcript.

James B said

For someone claiming to be in service you don't half spend ALL your time on a forum.
Danny said

All my time?
James B said


Think we got of on the wrong foot, yeah all your time, your icon is always green.
I'm sorry you're such an invalided and I know you try your best to not show it but you appear an absolute cock, an utter cock... A monumental cock. Again I'm sorry for your invalided tendencies
and I hope we can be Internet buddies... What you say special danny? :numberone:

James B said

you really are the spastic aren't you danny boy, ****. If I'm one chromosome short you're about ten short you mong.

i wrote mong on your windows last night...

by the morning I walk by and see you licking it off, mong ****.


down syndrome.

you're about as useful as a broken clock.
little runt.

got the message yet? **** OFF and STOP messaging me.[/QUOTE]

As you can see this **** is bat shit crazy.
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There's a line between banter and unfunny abuse for the sake of it and the comments regarding disability fall into the latter category. I accept they were by PM but that is not the point. Comments like that have no place in any self-respecting forum.

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James. Carry on like this and you'll get banned. Understand? Good.

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Last post on this forum, if danny hadn't sent about 10+ abusive messages I wouldn't of got so pissed off. I will be back under a different name and you'll never be able to know it's really me, it will be an anagram of Jam Bes II
Last post on this forum. Okay let's finish this with something nice.
She's got mental issues as well so it would seem, but just imagine
gettin' your head between THEM and going flubba-flubba-flubba.

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