Jail for Wren who cried rape

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by 5dits, Aug 29, 2008.

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  1. She should have got the sentence he would have got if he had been wrongly found guilty.
  2. makes me fuc*ing mad as to the leniency of the court. what he would have got bears no reflection to what she got
  3. She got what she deserved.
  4. no she didnt
  5. Hopefully she'll get to share a cell with a rampant butch lezzer who'll show her the real meaning of Rape.
  6. Yeah, she'll be 22 stone with a 5 o'clock shadow and tooled up with the biggest black rubber cock this side of Nagasaki.
  7. I feel sorry for the poor guy.

    Not the false rape accusation - but having to admit to shagging that big fat minger. Bet the pic is up on the gronk board.

    Remember kids - rape is NEVER funny. (Unless you're raping a clown).
  8. I agree with Lamri. He would have faced imprisonment then going on the SOR possibly for life. She should have her name automatically put on the SOR when she completes her sentence for 10 years, to stop her applying for any jobs where she might work with, say, vulnerable adults, knowing her word would count for far more than theirs if she repeated her false allegations in the future with someone else. With good behaviour she will be free in a matter of months.

    I do find it astonishing that she is an RN officer. It does not exactly give one confidence in the selection process nor the gravitas of the contemporary naval officer.
  9. She is fcuking RATS! Nothing more to add.
  10. And some silly bastard has actually married this woman? No accounting for taste I suppose.
  11. Bonerkill

    All I can say is she must be great with the lights off.......cos that picture is pure boner kill. Can't get the words "thistle" "piss" and "bulldog" out of head....

    Sadly though I hope this doesnt affect the already chronically under reported crime of date rape of poor defenceless matelots by hidepigs. Remember, no means how much have you had and will your mates find out.
  12. I wouldn't read too much into the word 'officer' Thingy. The media see it within a rank (PO, CPO) and get all excited.

    Have to say, even with my incredibly low standards, raising more than a smile with that hog is something of an achievement.

    Hats off to the three listed who have slipped it one.
  13. What has happened to the INNOCENT UNTILL PROVED GUILY - why are people being named and shamed before they are convicted of a crime?
    Surely this goes aganst the whole idea of 'British justie'
    Oh yes and these girls who stich up a one night stand for rape should have their names plasted over the papers - it's them who should have their lives ruined, not the victims of their sad, sick minds!
  14. Hahaha that has brightened up my morning. The husband looks like a strummer as well. MUG!
  15. No sign of her in the 2006 Navy List (the last time MOD published it for free on the web). Also Comms Branch? No such spec for Officers in the RN. Strongly suspect she's a SR. Either way, not a good advertisement for our leaders.
  16. :rambo:

    Well i can tell you the miss casson is NOT an officer at all, neither is she a Senior rate. She's an AB whos been in about 5 years. Her husband Mr Rankin is a CPOAWW, on my last ship we used to call him the
    'smiling assassin' beacuse all he did was smile for whatever Q was asked. Doesnt look like he's smiling now though eh.
  17. Are you saying that all those reputable national newspaper headlines describing her as an officer are inaccurate? Well I never. Next thing you'll be saying is that she's not a "Wren" either.

    (The Women's Royal Naval Service, in which wrens served, was abolished in 1993.)
  18. Naval_Gazer, just thought Id answer a few peoples Q about her rank.
    The RN aint having a good week in the press, what with 18 coke heads and a cried rape, dear o dear.
  19. Well she wont be a Wren, officer, AB or what ever for much longer. Ha serves her right!!!!!!!

    Just hope Mr Eaton can do a regain and put it all behind him!

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