Jaffa Cakes and Wrens

Should "Special Sessions" be available on Request?

  • Maybe, but Ill have to ask my mummy

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  • No, such immorality should be strongly discouraged

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  • Who cares?

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Maybe she had to rush to get from her solicitors' practice to HMS President and forgot to remove her workplace shoes and her hair got a bit misshapen as she was doubling there from Temple?


War Hero
Right you lot, listen out and pin 'em back.

This is my fantasy woman you are talking about and slagging off here. I will have you know that she was a peach and lit up my world for those few short days in the summer of '79.

She was stunning, great personality, easy to talk to, always well turned out and had legs to die for. Plus, I wanted to shag the tits off her and bend her over her Naval issue trunk and give her a good seeing too. :)
You mean you're only 3 years my senior Brigham? I joined the Observer Corps in the Summer of 79, just after my CSE & 'O' level results... :(

We're not slagging her off. We're just pondering what went on in your mind: what fantasies you had which you think were soooo terrible and Rosie's insisting that all Wrens hair was always immaculate, even if they'd just emerged from a hurricane. :roll:

So come on then, tell us more...

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