Jaffa Cakes and Wrens

Should "Special Sessions" be available on Request?

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Brigham has raised a serious discussion topic which has tugged at my heart strings, and at this very moment as he and a bunch of impressionable young Comms ratings are doubling off from Colingrad to Rosie's office for Jaffa cakes, tea and access to a dozen gorgeous lasses, I think this topic needs raising.

When Brigham was a young RO (many years ago) he had a special sock in his life named after a Wren 3rd Ossifer he was dead keen on. Events intervened and prevented him being able to live out his fantasies? Should he, as a hot-bloodied, heterosexual male, have been entitled to put in a request for "special sessions" from the Wren to help him combat his strange affliction?

Answers on a postcard please to this address.

Oh to be Young again... :lol:


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Hmm, depends - if this Wren Officder had a divisional concern for young Brigham then she would only be doing her duty for the good of his welfare. If she was not his DO then I believe that if Brigham maintained this line of infatuation for her it would have been deemed a 'Stalker'.

I would therefore advise this young (well she's probably getting on a bit now!) woman to visit the following:



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I thought this was going to be a different topic!

I was going to say as long as the Wren in question doesnt scoff the lot,then shes on for a promise!