Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by The_Caretaker, Jan 19, 2007.

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  1. Is she a racist ignorant Bully or a Big Fat Ugly Brat

    Ignorance or lack of education is no excuse for racism or bullying. That's the stupidest argument ever.

    But after all, it was the british public that made jade famous precisely due to her lack of education and ignorance. Who bought her book or perfume or interviews?

    In another country, such qualities would not have been sufficient to turn an unknown person into a celebrity.

    This is why this whole BB thing is more than what it seems at first glance; it just uncovers the priorities and values of a whole nation.

    she is the only BB contestant to have made it in the public eye, so maybe the public shared her values after all.
  2. I don't think she's rascist (her PA is black ffs), and to be honest I don't think she is a bully, just some trout who speaks her mind too much.
    That other trout is just acting like a spoilt little princess according to Mrs Lamri, who watches that crud.

    As totally usual, this government (Harman esp.) has found another "right-on" bandwagon to fall over themselves getting onto. Like I said, the missus watches it, not me, so i'm only going by what she has told me, but its all been blown out of all proportion. If anyone in there is racist its that other bird (can't remember her name soz).
  3. Y'know mate... I really couldn't give a shyte either way.

    I wuz watching 'Sailor'.
  4. Personally I don't think it's racism either. She is just a loud mouthed bullying twat who seems, with her cronies, to be picking on someone who is better looking than them.

    I thought the headline on the mail yesterday said it all really:


    Prisons full ... NHS in crisis ... more soldiers dying .... inflation and bank rates up. So what was obsessing our political leaders yesterday? The Big Brother 'rasism' row".

    As I said, not racism but I can't help but feel that we're playing right into the hands of Channel Four on this one. It's well past time that this country got a grip of itself.

  5. Its shocking that Jade is representing Britain. I'm very embarrassed by the whole thing.
  6. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Can't agree with you there Caretaker, have you seen what Hollywood turns out? Or come to that some of the more recent US Presidents.

    Mind you we have Prescott
  7. The real problem would appear to be that in reality BB stuff is in general about as exiting as watching paint dry. Ch 4 have therefore done their best to find ways of either generating conflict within the house or getting the inmates to do stupid things to try to make it interesting. Now by bringing in a some one who has about 2 billion fans in another country what may have otherwise have been a minor spat has become a major international incident because those 2 billion fans feel insulted, I suspect mainly because they realise their star was conned into going ito the thing to generate controversy.
  8. think you may have a point there Maxi. Watched a bit for the first time yesterday, and Jade, Jo, and Dannielle(?) just came across as a bunch of immature, ignorant kids.
    Will i watch it again - NO!!
  9. Lamri you do not have to be white, black or any other colour to be racist.
    Just because someone is of mixed race does not exclude them from being a racist.
    However in this case I do not think it is racism, just some chavs arguing.
  10. Slim, I am fully aware that, for instance, you could have loads of black mates but hate Indians. Please give me SOME credit ;)
    As I have already said, its just gobbyness.
  11. another one for the fat ugly idoiot pile ( jade not me!)
  12. Representing Britain in 'what' exactly?

    She is a fat slapper with an equally fat mouth who thinks she is famous just because she had her 'kebab' out on TV some time ago. :twisted:

    AFAIC the whole BB thing is for chavs and their children and should be shown at 0200-0500 only when they and their offspring are out of their heads on the usual crap.

    As for our politicians going into overdrive about the whole thing, it beggers belief when you think of the many other things wrong with this country right now. :???:
  13. Well put Brigham, its a total waste of space for so called light entertainment, I think they are what is called, oxygen thieves!!!!
  14. Maybe its our sick sence of humour that alowed her to get famouse..
    She is not the only noe to gain fame........ Jon Tickle( from the first one is on the tv a lot too) is in Science Abuse on sky tv..... there are a few realy .
    I think BB knew she would be like this so thats why they put her on and her mother is no better....As for the complaints ...then stop watching the S**t !!!!!!!
  15. Seems like they've decided not to have a crowd outside for the eviction tonight, only a studio audience.

    I wanted a lynch mob! It would have been hilarious to see them shouting and screaming.

    Bit like when they used to let you walk around mental hospitals in Victorian times.
  16. isn't it lucky that shilpa isn't muslim.

    imagine the uproar there would've been then.
    Well, without being racist, Muslims DO always seem to be the "victims" and there would have been MASSIVE unnecessary uproar... as usual.
  17. Jade sure was given a hefty swipe with the Ugly Stick!!!!!
  18. She would take pride of place on any Gronk Board.
  19. I think they should be called JADE boards frrom now on :grin: :grin:
  20. Why are you disscussing that fat ugly retard, who cares!

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