Jade Goody

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Oil_Slick, Mar 22, 2009.

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  3. Gordo will announce a State bailout of OK magazine as it's sales fall

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  1. Personal feelings towards Jade aside. Lets not forget two children have lost their Mother today.

  2. My Dad died of cancer on Fathers Day and it never made the papers and Gordo never mentioned it… But there again, he was a Chief, not a Chav
  3. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    Sorry I agree, distasteful.

  4. What?

    The media circus around her death or the fact that other Mothers will die today and the media and Gordo won't give a stuff?
  5. This is outrageous.There is already a thread on the demise of this twat and here we have yet another from the folks who bemoaning the degree of publicity given to it. Some people,I ask you.

    Outraged of Bunbury

  6. I'm sure the One Eyed Idiot will make an announcement commiserating with your outrage.

    Have you considered selling the rights to your Outrage to OK magazine?
  7. Mod edit

    Monty, your contribution felll well short of the intellectual standard required in Current Affairs. It didn't even have the merit of being amusing.

  8. Right folks,

    If you haven't already noticed, this is the CA forum and not Diamond Lil's. Please do remember there are 2 very young boys out there that do not have an understanding to what has happened to their mother and will have to grow up without her.

    This is very disgraceful after todays new.

    R.IP Jade, god bless ya.
  9. Concur!

    Im Outraged!

  10. They going to be reading about Mummy's demise on RumRation are they, or will they be saving themselves for the OK! special edition?

    They've been part and parcel of this three ringed media circus.

    Other kids will lose their Mothers today too, but the media won't cover it, the papers won't publish it and Gordo won't make a speech about it…

    So lets wipe away the crocodile tears about 'Jade the Mother' and see it for what it is… A rather nasty, thuggish and racist chav 'celebrity' who elevated ignorance to a new artform has died.
  11. I agree with you to a point Oil_Slick, but the kids were in the media circus by their mothers choice, they are not old enough to have a say in the matter. I feel for the children, even if I couldn't give a whotsit about Jade.

    The media circus should die with her in my opinion.
  12. Frankly I don't care about the morals, chavness, or anything other about this woman - I wouldn't waste my time watching the type of programme that made her well known.
    But, if what she has done recently makes a few more women go and get tested, at an early age, then all the better.
    The general state of screening in this country is very poor indeed; especially for men when it is almost non existent. For almost fifty percent of the population there is still no consistent screening for some of the most lethal cancers.
    If this womans hogging the limelight can bring some good in these areas then all well and good in my book.
    None of us have to suffer the droning on of the press about this. All we need do is press the button that say 'Off'..
  13. Concur completely.
    Problem is that too many chanels will be spending too much time covering what to most of the working population is a non event. :twisted:
  14. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    No, more the fact that a person dies and you try to make light of it. Whoever she was, she didn't deserve to die in what will have been a very painful and unpleasant manner, yet you almost revel in it.

  15. I personaly do not make light of anyone dying..It was going to happen sooner or later.A couple of years ago evereyone hated her including the papers .She was loudmouth this and that.its gone from that to this basicaly because she was dying everyone loves her .I am sorry but its been like a two ringed circus since it was announced she was dying and to me that is sick in itself .Get over next week it and she will soon be forgot
  16. The Circus has been demoted? Can't we settle on a 2 1/2 ring Circus for Norman's benefit?

    Always sad when people die but Brown made my flesh creep today; with Cameron in close formation.
  17. I have tremendous sympathy for Jade Goody and her family - in particular her children, but I am totally Pissed off that Gordon Brown should single her out for special mention from all the other equally courageous young women who will also have died of cancer today.

    It is extremely undigified and competely inappropriate for the Prime Minister of this country to comment and I am sure he has done so for selfish political reasons.
  18. I have no sympathy for Jade Goody she was a loud mouthed talentless blimp, She was a poor advert for the education system in this country and she was certainly no role model.(although it could be argued that she was a good advert for a poor education system)
    The media appeared to have hated her a few years ago, but they made money out of it by running stories on her racist remarks and stupidity, when she was dying they made money out of it and the longer she held on the more money they made, and now that she has finally kicked the bucket there will be more stories in the papers about her...and they will make money out of it, The media never hated her, they loved her!

  19. Thank you!

    My point exactly.

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