Jade Goody to appear in Indian Big Brother

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Tall_bloke, Aug 14, 2008.

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  1. Does this woman have absolutely NO integrity?!
    Why doesn't she realise her 15 minutes was up a LONG time ago?
  2. Come on now, apart from things like this she is unemployable, do you want to pay her dole money?

    Also a bit of time in India may give her some humility, something she desparately needs.
  3. Come on, does anyone care. Big Bastard Brother is banned in my house. In the PO's mess we had one bird in the mess who wanted to watch it. She did not understand that TV stands for Testorone Vision!
  4. I haven't watched BB for years, but it just irritates the living bejezus out of me that someone like her is considered to be a "celebrity" in this country. What has she achieved? What talent does she have?
  5. I don't watch BB either, watching paint dry is more fun, but dear old Jane seems to have a talent for getting people pissed of or getting blokes drooling over her, both things you can get paid for.
  6. I cant stand watching this shite but i'd love to be one of the house guests even if it was just for a week

    ... All those poor wee souls with their delecate little egos that I could destroy, and then after that I could do the humane thing and drown them in that fcuking pool they have.


  7. who is J goodie?
  8. A munter who got lucky.
  9. I wouldnt crawl over Thingy to get to her!
  10. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I do believe that the riches she has gained from this heap of shite would prevent her getting the dole.. I think that I read somewhere that she is now a millionairess :pukel: :pukel:
  11. Whats the difference between Jade Goodie and a Walrus?

    One is fat, ugly and stinks of fish, the other is A Walrus.
  12. Those with a weak constitution look away now...
  13. Excuse me lads and lasses but is this really current affairs?
  14. Thank you very much, I think not.. :pukel:
    Was just about to cook a bit of supper and have now decided to open a bottle of wine instead - I blame you of course!
  15. It'll take more alcohol than that to give you the necessary beer goggles to cope with Ms Goody ^~
  16. Waderumean hic!

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