Ive just been getting my daily dose of Jack Speak by Rick Jolly. Ive read fwd to aft and aft to fwd, countless times.

But I seem to of missed this one "My throats dryer than a nagasaki bomb dodgers, starboard flip flop"

Whats the Jackest phrase you have ever heard?

Make me laugh people!
:roll: 1 A mouth like Ghandis flip flop. 2 Smells like a pros hadbag 3 By the great white thighs of Magaret Rutherfod!! :lol:
I've got a mouth like an African witchdoctors leather jammy jou jou bag..

I've got a mouth like the inside a Siamese salmon poachers worm tin...

I've got a mouth like a Tasmanian lepers odour eater.....


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This burger tastes like the cunt of a three year dead Morrocan whore that's just been fucked by a team of syphillis ridden Jocks.

And that's one of the nicer compliments I've had about my food.


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StixJimboRM said:
Gen dit ... I was in a shop in Pompey and there were two blokes wandering around in there, one shouts to the other "get me a bottle of oggin from the fridge shippers"

Made me chuckle anyway
I knew a Killick RP (John F*****) who had two kids - yes, they were called Jack and Jenny! - and he made them talk like that:

"Daaad! Can I have a goffa?"

"Daaad! What's for scran?"

:oops: :lol:
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