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  1. Anyone read this yet?
  2. Surely the question should be ` Has anyone NOT read this yet?`
  3. Just ordered myself a copy from Amazon. I bet most of the new recruits/newbies haven't heard of it before.
  4. Got mine ages ago!
  5. Yup, had mine for a month now. Only got to G so far though! Too busy reading the cruel sea. :p
  6. Why would you want one? When you join you will learn all those terms anyway, or do you want to be smart arses?
  7. Why would you want one? You know all of those phrases anyway having served, or are you too old and have forgotten?

    It's a bloody book mate, and it's humorous.
  8. You would be far better off using your spare time to learn about to-days Navy, but, what the fukc do I know?
  9. You know a lot, far more than me, but rest assured that I have a broad range of knowledge, which I am continually renewing, that will aid me in my naval career. Reading Jack Speak is separate to that, a bit of fun, a bit like posting on this site! :lol:
  10. Pipe down and listen in, avast ye scurvy lubbers and belay that bilge or I'll hornswaggle ye with my marlinspike...er... prepare to repel boarders. Is that enough? Next week Bootneckspeak.
  11. That'll be interesting as most booties struggle to walk and talk at the same time. "Oi, Royal; mind your knuckles, you're about to trip over them!" :lol:
  12. My lips move when I type too!! :D
  13. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    Er! yes, me.
  14. More to the point, has anyone managed to get a copy that's not autographed ;)
  15. With 8 weeks to go was thinking about getting myself a copy, so I stand a chance of understanding what on earth the DS are talking to us about! Oh, and being able to understand more of what people are saying on here...
  16. Fratton.............getting out at :D
  17. Still laugh my cock off when I read Jackspeak...thought I knew a few until I read that book, it's my constant companion. Have you read the 'unofficial' version written by the 'lads' themselves, got a copy (not a book but loose leaf A4 pages) from a mate of mine from boats - absolutely hilarious!!
  18. received this book now and had a quick glance and think it's brilliant.

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