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Jacks' pubs


War Hero
The use of pubs by jack served many purposes from a beer and natter, game of darts, knuckle, bit o' crumpet the list goes on. maybe a discussion on "my favourite pub" would be enlightening in some ways to ancient mariners such as myself or the new breed. No doubt many of the pubs I knew are long gone ( like poor old Pompey Lill ) Anyway regardless of when, wot's your dit about a particular pub?
I knew lots of pubs, in fact that was the route to the dockyard from base in Sydney, pub by pub. However, the one that stuck in my mind was, I believe, the Ship Inn, on the Plymouth side of the Torpoint Ferry. It was a scrumpy house of course ( early 50s) with heavy furniture not easily thrown and pintsa scrumpy about a tanner. While quaffing the scrumps the bosse's wife was out the back making home made 'oggies, beautiful.
Now at closing time 2230hrs the boss rang five bells and on the bos'ns whistle blew pipe down and then provided bottles to take the left over scrumps to the old "bus" hot dog stand outside Guzz dockyard gate.
Dunno how I survived it and I'm sure some didn't (on the other hand some nice old pubs in Saltash. )

The Hobbit :lol:
The one that comes readily to mind is the "Royal Standard" in Sydney,Australia. This was the 4th Submarine Sqdn's pub in the late fifty's. It was in the days of the 6 o'clock swill. The pubs all closed at that time and then opened up at 7.30. To get into the lounge you had to be accompanied by a female but it was relaxed for the submariners. Even had an area reserved for us. When the Thorough (I think it was her) went home the publican put on afree 18 gallon keg for the Squadron
Johnny said:
Anyone rember The Royal standard in Pompy

Yes we went in a about three years ago four old salts, a serving CPO and two wives. Decor etc. had changed little. Full of gay people of both pursuasions.

To be fair it was 1000 times more fun than the Senior Rates Mess Bar at HMS Dryad where we went on Saturday lunch time. For the lunch time session, discounting our party it contained two people, the barman and duty PO.

The Balmoral between City Centre and Southsea was my favorite on that side of the water and the Fighting Cocks at Alverstoke close to HMS Dolphin on the Gosport side.

The Imperial in Helensburgh has seen vast amounts submariners and happily taken there money. Half for carry outs when its was 10 pm closing and not open at all on Sunday.

I went to The Royal Standard or RUBY's, in November the first time aftef leaving the mob 1n 1995.
Whilst in the mob I spent a lot of time and money in Rube's.
When I went back Rubys son Steve was behind the bar, with his wife and daughter helping out.
It was as though I had nipped out for a paper, came back stood by the bar and was soon greeting people I had not seen for over 10 years.
Brought back a lot of memories, went through a long list of pompey pubs on "service Pals" a couple of months ago, remembering all the good times.

dt018a9667 said:
Anybody remember that delightfull watering hole in Guz Star Of The West? good scrumpy pub with no draught beer

Wasn't that owned by Rog Tynson? Top sgt/major, had a good few beers in his pub.
dt018a9667 said:
Anybody remember that delightfull watering hole in Guz Star Of The West? good scrumpy pub with no draught beer
Lovingly refered to as the star of death, used to serve pints of "rock and roll" half and half of what I can't remember.
Also just down the road on the laft was the Grand Theatre, now in a state of disrepair with trees growing out the windows, crying shame to see these places dying when every afternoon and night they were full of jack and Royal doing what they do best. Union street has died in a big way.
Wiltshire Lamb in Pompey was a favorite with submariners, 60s / 70s, until the SBI undercovers spoilt it whilst looking for the 'innocents' who enjoyed a joint or two. :twisted:
ORACLE said:
Wiltshire Lamb in Pompey was a favorite with submariners, 60s / 70s, until the SBI undercovers spoilt it whilst looking for the 'innocents' who enjoyed a joint or two. :twisted:

How about the 'Yorkshire Grey', 'Criterion', 'Claremont', 'Ship Lepoard', 'White Swan /Mucky Duck', Dolphin 3 for you sub guys, and a couple of scrumpy places outside of the main gate (off to the left and names forgotten) on the Hard, that I used to frequent in Nos 8s.

Must do a run to Pompey one day to see how many have gone...?
Outside Pompey Dkyd gates - used to be "King and Queen", then "Ship Anson" - now combined into one Ship Anson. Balmoral, Wiltshire Lamb, Yorkshire Grey, White Swan (Mucky Duck), a few more between there and the Guildhall. Anybody remember the Sussex Arms opposite the Guildhall? Then, "above" the station - Criterion, Albany, couple of others. Commercial Road Pompey, pre-1970. Did notice they've finally knocked down that Tricorn Centre though!
Remember the Golden Fleece? (AKA the Fleece, was nearly opposite the Wiltshire Lamb.) I remember seeing a wedding reception in there, where the groom (in rig) from the College of Knowledge (HMS Excellent), absolutely pissed out of his mind was on a table doing the dance of the flaming ********* while his "young" bride was being groped in a corner. Also the local of Big Sylv.??

Ah! those were the days!!
Pubs in Pompey-------too many of them .Usually too pished to remember names aswell!

From the Main gate towards the main portsmouth it was the home club
then numerous pubs past Victory Barracks[Nelson] the Aggies and the Trafalgar club[big eats] the pubs up the side streets there were ace aswell

On the main drag near the station then you walked a fair bit to get to the Fleece going past the Guildhall.

Names bring back memories but I left that place about 1960 and never really went back --Scotland till I finished my time .

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