Jackals stole dead kids' IDs

It makes one think if there is any money left in the kitty?

They came back from Africa to refresh there claim what a joke!!!!

Owning flats bought from the council.

If this was China there would be no prison sentence.

This reminds me of the time long ago the money collectors on the mersey tunnel had villas in spain and top of the range cars and pay packet at the end of the week hundred squid. Mind it was pound for you ten for me.


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Ah, its so good to see that all the checks are being carried out.... They must of been taking the money out the country in bundles - so no checks at the airport either then.....
slim said:
Perhaps it is just possible that benefit fraud exists because claims are not checked carefully enough. Now that we have computers it should be possible for software to pick up many fraudulent claims

Slim to have the soft ware to do all the proper checks cost a lot of money as does empoying the manpower to do it. The people that pay for the system want it to pay out benefits not to catch fraud. When told how much it will cost them extra they say "Not on my watch" they undersell the possible fraud losses saying its acceptable put against your profits or turn over of payments made. They then put in place the cheap shit version it is only down the line when the losses become noticeable and by that time they have collected their bonus for bringing it in on time and to cost and moved on, not their problem. There are many cases of internal fraud investigators in private and public organisations not even being able to access the programme themselves as that will either stop or slow down the working of that part of the programme and to have extra people who are capable of roaming around the system looking for evidence takes the power away from IT.

Computers can do many things if you are prepared to pay, most Private and Public Organizations are not prepared to pay.



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As a tax payer I have no objections to some of my taxes paying for efficient and if required expensive software which will do the job. The cost would be covered many times over by the savings in payments to fraudulent users.

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