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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Retread, Oct 2, 2009.

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  1. This has probalby been worked and reworked.

    We tend to complain because kids today have developed their own patois - every genenration has done it, we've just forgotten as we,ve started to dribble...

    But the language of Pusser trancended generations and some words and phrases have ended up in usage. "Taken aback " is one while "Fornicate with my granny's tall hat (nearly wrote fuck ther but I don't think anyone noticed) 8O never caught on.

    Any particular favourtits?
  2. Favour or flavour? :?

  3. Make a gangway before I clear a bastard
  4. All the balls are balls and all the bars are bars.

    Never really caught on becuse it was the Panel Operator's hand over dit! Our Wrecker used to go schizoid if he overheard you saying it!
  5. Standard on the boats I was wrecker L on
  6. You been at the Scotch again Bro?
  7. Maybe favour tits?

  8. Ah yes, but you are a nice benign Wrecker L, nasty, grumpy old **** was a very old school traditional Outside Wrecker. :lol:
  9. One boat I was on the skipper didn't like the phrase "flooding in", he liked to use "ballast". first time I was told to ballast 500 I turned round and said "give us a clue, do want it in or out"...went downhill from there really!!
  10. port and stbd scran spanners always got a giggle of the oldies.
    on boats at scran retract your foreplanes if you were to wide armed while eating.
  11. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    'Jackspeak', first published 1989. I wonder how we managed before that?
  12. Trim the red lead fwd/aft (as required) for the ketchup, same applied for sea dust (salt)
  13. At least Jack built up his language for his own, by his own. He didn’t import it from some foreign “cultureâ€.
  14. clearing stern arcs before spinning a possibly(definately) offensive dit
  15. Nothing narrowband or broadband, warner clear
  16. Er, but, er....skive, skate and scran are all Scandianvian (Viking) terms borrowed from our alledgedly horny Viking ancestors. :D :wink:
  17. That's crap, all words are English, now go and dhobey your mouth out, er I mean wash :oops:
  18. Wrecker may I apologise for the complete lack of comprehension "Thingy"
    is trying to quote upon.
    The terms skive. skate and scran together with the word dhoby are neither Norweigan, Scandinavian nor Indian in nature.
    They all developed into the English Language on November 22nd 626BC.
    when a group of Celtic football fans travelled by Thames barge to the away football fixture in Copenhagenland as it was then known!
    Unfortunately having won the match, raped and pillaged the opposition, they missed the return ferry. Owing to the next ferry being some 600 years later, they opened a fish and chip shop to make ends meet whilst biding their time. One enthusiastic supporter married into a local family and became the First Educational Minister for Copenhagenland and provinces. Thus as history has told us English was taught and was the principal language of what is now known as Scandinavia right up until the date when the expatriates caught the return ferry to Manchester with the first FA Cup.
    I will personally ensure that all "Thingys" reference books are updated before he again tries to challenge your well formulated, and established views on the subject of languages! :wink:

    Edit to add It all went tits up when we left :lol:
  19. Crap - it was July 17th, I know, I was there at the time.
  20. No one of those rare ocassions when we are both right,
    July 17th is indeed November 22nd 626BC using the Westcountry Gregorian calender, (or collander) Argument may have a few holes in it :wink:

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