Jack, Royal and Fashion

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by HarryBosch, Jul 21, 2007.

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  1. A bit of weekend silliness designed to keep me out of the pub for another hour :)

    I suspect that some members of RR have the dress sense of Zorro, while others such as Wet-Blobby look cooler than Steve McQueen, no matter what they wear.

    Have you ever bought something because it was fashionable? If so, what?

    During my Northern Soul phase I had a pair of Oxford-bags like these, but without the hat. I was a Nod at CTC at the time and used to wear them ashore, but not all Guard Commanders would let me out of the gates in them.


    I went through a retro phase at University and wore some pants like these.


    The object of my affections said I looked like "a badly wrapped toffee" o_O

    Edited in line with short-term agreement :)
  2. ... she probably just wanted to unwrap you and give you a nice long chew ...

  3. She could add "not naturally compatible with normal clothing". You must be really hard to go out in kit like that.

  4. lol bosch,,,i bet you looked well cool..... my mum got me a fake fur white coat.. made me wear it every where,, i fecking hated it.....
    (shshshshs i have a pair of oxford bags,,, love em..)
  5. Like the stripey trousers
  6. Kinell Harry, The guard commander had a point

    From 1997 when i left soldiering i grew my hair long, travelled and lived in shorts and sandles for a year or two. Nothing has really changed except for having short hair again and liking the clothing that was worn by mods in the 1970's.

    Fair play on the girl, a right corker mate!!!
  7. Jack, Royal and Fashion... not words normally heard in the same sentence! Strangely though, a former PARA was telling me recently how suprised he was, on a trip to Guz, at the sartorial elegance of bootnecks on the lash compared to Fred in the Shot.

  8. Got a pair of Levis from Jack Blair and proceeded to slash the crap out of the legs, 'cos it was fashionable.

    One dhoby later and I was wearing white puffy leggings, who invented tumble dryers anyway?
  9. Personally I see nothing wrong with those trollies, I had a pair not unlike those in the mid eighties.

    However, while we're on about fashion faux pas, you could always tell Jack ashore owing to his jeans. The faded fore and aft creases so kindly put in by the Chinese dhobey wallahs made Jack stand out a mile.
  10. Dissapointing addition to your earlier posting GR. Thought it was going to be rude!!

  11. If I hadn't been given a job/uniform/money and the like,
    I would probably be squatting in a commune twanging away
    on a second-hand guitar. Kickin' back an' chillin' out !!

    Damn Hippies......there still out there.


    "Peace, Love and a bottle of Head and Shoulders please"
  12. You're my old Prof!
  13. Like...yeah man....far out....remember when I said:

    Transcendental Aesthetics, one-step-ahead of Western Philosophy; yet, one-step-in Eastern Philosophy-

    "a submissive bit of bark that an ant drags through the high grass in its strong jaws to uncertain but important destinations, a page of calendar toward which the conscious hand reaches to tear it forcibly from the warm companionship of the remaining block of pages-everything shows me its face, its innermost being, its secret soul, whch is more often silent than heard. This every still and every moving point (=line) became equally alive and revealed its soul to me. It was sufficient for me to "grasp" with my whole being, with all my senses, the possibility and the existence of that art which today is called "abstract" in contrast to "objective."

    Then I did a kilo of LSD :crazy: , put on an Iron Butterfly album and dropped out.

  14. oops - sorry about that SF ;)

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