Jack gets everywhere! - Sweet Home Alabama BBC4


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BBC Four - Sweet Home Alabama: The Southern Rock Saga, Lynyrd Skynyrd are a Jukin' Band

The link above is a clip from the BBC4 programme on Apr 13.

As a fan of Southern Rock it was a pretty good programme but it got even better at 19:06 when a bunch of matelots on a rig run appeared! Lucky bastards - not only were they on the lash in the deep South and listening to great music but they were getting paid and doubtless trapping like 10 Greek waiters. Anybody recognise themselves?

On the main programme BBC iPlayer - Sweet Home Alabama: The Southern Rock Saga there is another brief clip of Jack in action with a Southern Belle at 35:05



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Good spot jambo. Lynyrd Skynyrd have alot of cracking tunes, my favorite being,

Saw Lynyrd Skynyrd at Leeds Poly in 1974 as a spotty teenager. Freebird was the encore. Superb, the place was bouncing.
One of the lads had raided his dad's cocktail cigarette box, so instead of smoking Jamaican woodbines like all the student types, we were smoking either pink or green Sobranies. Very "Abigail's Party"


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It was an excellent programme, as all of these music programmes on BBC 4 are. If you haven't seen it, watch it. A must for all music lovers.


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In case you fancy it, Skynyrd are playing 3 UK concerts on 1, 2 & 3rd of Jun in Glasgow, Manchester and Hammersmith. I am soooo threaders that i can't go. What a bummer. Hopefully they'll be back soon. I just want to see them perform Simple Man at least once in my life .
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