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sonofamatelot said:
yeah. sorry I'm new to this and pressed the wrong button
You are allowed one mistake :!: I've already made mine :evil:

Best Jack film I have seen was 'The Cruel Sea' starring among others JACK Hawkins :twisted:


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billybusdriver said:
What about "Warship", it was watching this tv series that made me join up. :?
Oh yes, HMS Hero (in reality the Phoebe) - this too reinforced my interest in the RN.


Got rescued by "Hero" when a fishing banyan came to an abrupt halt after the motor cutter went sick. After letting off a couple of distress flares and getting no response from two GMDs (remember them!) Hero/ Phoebe headed in our direction and sent an LMEM across to help us get the engine started. Having to keep a filming schedule the ship sailed off. We returned to the Eskimo and the LMEM got an unexpected make n mend.

Semper Strenuissima.

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