Jack Dusty Phase 2 course


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Hi all just wondering if anybody could give me some details on the course for phase 2 stores accountant training ? i have been trying to find the info for a long time now but to no avail. :( I am really looking forward to starting the course on 18th of june but still dont have a clue what to expect!! Any info on the course will be greatly appreiciated .

Thanks in advance :thumright:

17 days to go come on ! :afro:


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He's gong to be one of mine!!! hahahaaaaaaaaaaa
I see what you did there - any excuse to get a Bandy joke in there (unless you're willing to admit your spelling has deteriorated since you became a Logs Officer..?!) :wink:

(Plus, the OP asked the question 3 years ago...) :lol:

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