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Jack Blairs


War Hero
Its been a few years since i left the Navy , but when i was a young sailor the first thing i did when i was drafted to pompey was out of Nelson maingate cross the road and open a ''Jack Blair'' and a ''Louis Bernard''
account . My sea dad went nuts but i didnt care because i could by all my run ashore clobber on the never never . I very quickly realised what a complete rip off they both were.
I was just wondering are they still tradeing and if so are they still selling ''yesterdays clothes at tomorrows prices'' ?
They're also happy to rip off some pongos as well. Was seconded to Blandford Camp (home of White Helmets, ahem, fame) and they're firmly entrenched.
''Do you here , jack blair mens wear , for the man who wants to be noticed is now in attendance on the jetty , yesterdays fashions at tomorrows prices''
Jack Blair trendy Senior Rates wear is now alongside!!

Do You Hear There? Incredibly expensive untrendy jack blair is alongside!
I found it highly amusing when I joined up in the mid 90's and the RN banging on to you how important it was to be financially responsible and at the same time have these VULTURES on a lot of establishments. I opened an account (oh, minimum spend when you open an account is £70....) and closed it very soon after.
Oi 2SL shippers-if you're reading this, kick these fcukers off every establishment.....
There goes any sponsorship for RR from Jack Blair.

You'll know the one about Neil Armstrong landing on the moon, Jack Blair wagon pulls up and the driver shouts " Oi mate, can you make a pipe....?"

I'm a Slops and Bauns man. Fenwicks is expensive but quality and great attention to detail. They even polish your gongs when they mount your latest to your ever growing spamlike collection.

Thieves and Hawkes is for Officers of independent means (more money than sense).
Many tot times ago I bought a pair of dress shoes from those bandits, I was still paying for them 3 years later. I became fiscally astute much later in my career.
The limit on your account now is £300. i was duped very early cos its free and was only gettin just over 5 ton a month. since then, on three times the pay, still got a maxed out account. end of the month/ christmas presents/ those low beer money months its just soooo tempting. after all, you only pay £17 back a month... £7 of that is tax!!! :cry:

oh, you got £50?
its for new jeans.
why not go to JB's then you can come get trollied with everyone else!
oh, ok then...
"Jack Blairs naval jailers are now waiting to ambush on the jetty" was one of the many pipes I heard.

I can remember when they used to turn up at Mercury in the early 80's when I was on LRO(G) course and some of us would wander down and make sure the rep was kept busy and then change the price labels over. Great fun ripping him off for a change by purchasing an expensive shirt at a less expensive price.

Not sure why so many lads and lasses got themselves roped into their card scheme. SAPS.
I think I ran up a bill for £800 with JB's when I was in 8O

It was always easy to go there and buy perfume or little gifts for the father or brother or just plain to lazy to hop into town. I know what your all thinking!

Mind you I did buy a decent DVD player from there :oops:

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