Hey, I am wondering if someone can help me :)

2 years ago I went to my doctor to explain I was having low moods and asked her to write me a note for my university to give me an extension on a piece of work. My doctor wrote 'Low moods' on the note.

She offered me medication for depression, but I declined it. She also gave me websites to seek counselling, which I did not pursue.

I really regret going to the doctors now because I'm over the problem I was having!

Has anyone been in a similar situation. I would like to know whether you were still allowed in the navy?

Thank you in advance :)



I had a similar problem- went to a doctor once because I had minor 'low mood', saw a counsellor a couple of times, absolutely no diagnosis of depression or anything, nor medication. Had massive trouble getting this through capita though- a lot of back and fourth between the GP and capita, but eventually it was fine!

As far as I understand, the medical requirements criteria states that you must be 2 years clear from 'low mood'- so if it was 2 years ago that this happened then you should be fine!


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Hey. No-one on here is qualified to give medical advice. That's, no one.
Start the process if you wish to find out if you'll be acccepted. What's the worse that could happen?


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I am not taking the mickey out of those who suffer from depression, though my glass is ALWAYS half full. Not so SWMBO's.....

But come on....... a 'low mood' in order to get an extension for a piece of work at uni? You did have 3 or 6 months to complete it - yes? Trust me, if you get into the RN, there will be NO extensions for any work due on a specific date, not even if you have an entire hospital standing behind you.

My experience of low moods comes from there being too much month left at the end of the money.