J/r's conspicuous by their absence

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by twinkletoes2, Jul 23, 2009.

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  1. Who recalls how few J/R's there were at FAA's Centenary Bun Fight at Buck House?

    My wife and I saw a three badged SBA (MA) sitting quietly with his mother:
    We talked to three non-drinking --They offered us their Champagne-" Joint Harrier Force" charming lads who explained that they had served over three years but had spent a little under two weeks at sea and currently serving at a RAF Base under RAF control ---Help!! But precious few others Why? We talked to a Chief Mechanic and his charming wife who explained that fior the last 12 years of his service he hasn't set foot from Culdrose--Help!

    A proliferation of uniformed W.O.'s Chiefs P.O.'s Captains Commanders and others Why?
    Does the Royal Navy currently have more P.O.s and above than Hands?
    That it doesn't know what to do with?
  2. That's probably because whilst everyone else was galavanting around at posh tea parties and jollys, all the JR's were doing all the actual work back at their respective bases.

    As an SR I can say that, because it's true!

  3. Makes me quite happy that i was a "dope on a rope " for 18 years,I had loads and loads of seatime when i was serving,
  4. :roll: :roll: RAS to TAS !!! me and Waspie will have to get out are Dalton computers :lol: :lol:
  5. Seatime.......whats that then?
  6. 829 sqdn Ships flight!!! Happy days 26 Leanders 7 Tribals 8 County class and RFAs :wink: and those nice Flat Tops
  7. I know two WAFU JR's that were there lol
  8. If so --Why do you and yours put up with it?
  9. Two is about right.
    There were over 3 thousand present
    More gold rings than Liberace.
  10. I only knew two Norman, I've seen pics of facebook of far more than two lol. Who really gives a fook anyways Norman
  11. I thought that Liberace's ring was a livid purple.
  12. That's put me off my dinner.
  13. I was referring to his finger rings. The colour of his other ---you might well know more than me
  14. Quite right too - can't have a load of damn dirty JRs stinking up the place :D
  15. Clearly that was Rear Admiral's (Aviation) intention when he invited his chosen, very few, Leading and Naval Airmen ( or whatever they're called today) to attend. Their were precious few in evidence I am saddened to say.

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