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Ivor Dewdney Pasties

rosinacarley said:
Embarrassingly in a whole other universe I can admit to working at Ginsters as a Bakery Secretary.

It would have only been embarrassing if you ended up with a bun in the oven :thumright:
Having been born and bred in Guzz, I was reared on them, and loved them with a passion. However, they opened a branch in our local precinct and they are absolutely disgusting: whether this is because they don't bake them on the premises or not, I don't know. But a different firm have opened a shop here, and their oggies are "the DOG'S" - if you ever get a chance, try a Friary Mills Bakery oggy - nectar of the gods !
They give me mega heartburn. Did you know that one day of the week mongs make them - safeguard, special needs people work in the pasty factory one day of week, god knows what they put in them on that day, but probably explain my mega crippling heatrburn everytime I eat one.
Used to love them but for some reason I cant even stand the smell of them now , love a corn beef pastie whenever I go up to Newcastle from Greggs Bakery , mmmm

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