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Ivor Dewdney Pasties

hahahaha you're all wrong. The best pasties come from Indian Queens just outside of Newquay. And if you can't get them, then the old bakery in Crown Hill used to do the biggest pasties that could feed a small family for a quid.

Remember nipping over from School (St Boniface's) during the lunch break and going back not so quickly dragging half my own bodyweight in Pastie in my stomach!!!!!!!

Here endeth the lesson
Well Floral Day in Helston----outside the Blue Anchor---few stingos----and munching a superb pasty, fiddle fiddle--big base drum. The land of Tre Pol and Pen has a lot to answer for!
Four & Twenty Pasty Blackbirds Company
5638 Swift Road
Florida 34231


Real oggies, right 'ansome, made by expat Jackers - Trelawney's Army welcome Floral Dancing for saileyors optional :grin:

I can Black Cat all Ivor dewdney pasty dits!!

My first serious girlfriend was Ivor Dewdneys' niece, gen dit 12 clips! Haven't seen her for twenty years, last time I saw her she was a Dancer in 42nd Street, probably a pasty millionairess by now, hope she didn't eat too many of her uncles wares. :lol:
All these ''Cornish Pasty Company'' shops that seem to be in every city...
not a patch on the real of thier specials is 'beef and stilton'..BARFF
G'day all'

There's an old saying: That if you live long enough then you will know everything that there is to know.

Well it's taken me just over fifty years to find out who made the oggies outside the dockyard gate in "Guzz"( never sober enough to read I suppose. lol. :idea:

When I was a watch keeper on the Cumberland in 58. (swing that lantern) my opposite number used to bring me an "OGGIE" for the middle watch every night we were in harbour, and ofcourse I did the same favour for him when he was on watch.

Couldn't even remember the name of the gate, but can still remember the smell of the oggies as the guys came back up the gangway getting stuck into theirs. :lol: :lol: :roll: :roll: :cry: :cry:

fond memories.
pingbosun :wink:
The Ron Dewdney Oggy must be one of the worlds best hangover cures. Allegedly, the little crunchy bits in the filling are where the rats teeth dont go through the grinder properly. Allegedly. So they say. Not that I ever would. Honest.
TELFER'S meat pies, Handler.
Fond memories of hitching back from London on many a moonless night in the early 50s. Seems impossible to believe in these heavily motorised days, but you could walk/stand by the roadside for a couple of hours after midnight without seeing a vehicle. There was one guaranteed lift. The Telfer's lorry used to traverse the Kingston by pass at about 0300, and he would pick up any matelot in uniform and drop them off at his depot in Twyford Avenue. I've known him to have six in his cab on the odd occasion, even travelled in the back, with the pies, a couple of times.

Happy days.

silverfox said:
did you know Ivor used to be in goal for Plymouth Argyle......

Yes mate, cuz you can't get one past'ie. Brills joke, glad it's still going strong.

Right to put you all right, Ivors shop is on Cornwall street in Plymouth City Center,

Noe Ron had a shop out side St Levens gate, righ by the pub and that's where the middle watch oggies came from.

Guzz the center of the gastronomic universe.

luvly jubbly

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