Iveco LMV/Panther

Anyone fancy a go? 0-60 in 40 seconds.....

Nominally a five-seater, the Panther versions of the LMV supplied by BAE systems to the British Army will have four, or even three, seats depending on their role. The space of one of the seats will be taken up with the controversial Bowman digital communications system as well as box full of electronic countermeasure systems and ammo for the Selex remote-firing machine gun on the roof.


Lantern Swinger
Hope thi is better than the French thingy the Army bought a few years ago.

Looked like a 4 tonner that had shrunk in the wash.

Only problems was that it wouldnt stop in reverse cos of some design fault with the brakes.

Someone put me right on the reason they were crap..... oh yeh, I remember, they were French!


Lantern Swinger
I passed one yesterday on the M5, not far from Ashchurch, where I imagine it was heading. It certainly looked the part, from the front quite like a Humvee, but not so much at the rear.

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