I've stayed in some sh*tholes in my time!

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by trehorn2, Jan 4, 2007.

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  1. Bearing in mind the recent hullabaloo about forces accomodation i was wondering what the general opinion is on the accomodation provided.

    I've had the pleasure of staying in RN, Army and RAF establishments my experience is that while their are some places within the RN that are unfit for human habitation the army seems to be worse.

  2. Are we talking barracks or Married Quarters?

    If the former then my experience is that, Naval barracks, although spartan are at least kept clean by the occupants.

    As for MQ's, I've seen MQ's from Lossimouth to Culdrose and from Brawdy to HQBF Hong Kong and even though they all seemed to have a standard "Council house" look about them, they were all clean and in "good nick".

    The only MQ's I actually occupied were at the back of Sultan and the little hitler who carried out the inventory when I left even lifted the lid of the toilet cistern!!

    He's probably still there!!

    I think this recent hooha has at least woken the public up to the fact that the Services have been gettig a raw deal and deserve better.

    Didn't we always?
  3. Middle Wallop and the former Army side of RAF Aldergrove unfit absolute shit holes. The RAF side of Aldergrove an Ffing palace no surprise there. I believe even Prince Charles commented on the difference on a visit
  4. The worst accom I have ever had in the UK was in a Pongo Barracks near Bicester. The welcome and ambience in the mess itself was first class. The block was reminiscent of a stalinist housing estate, but without the picturesque charm.
  5. Benbow Huts at Drake. Lived in them for a year while advance party for the Ark, waiting for her to finish a refit in 69/70
    Coke fire at each end of the mess, heads and showers outside and no covered walk to them.
    Had a great time though, perhaps our expectations were'nt so high as todays youth.
  6. You mean you lived in a Yuppee Des Res RoofRat? Were those real coke heaters as in times of yore? :eek: Oooo... muffin toasting... :D
  7. Most barracks accommodation was pretty ghastly in my time. Remember joining RNB Portsmouth when I left training in '52, our accommodation was WRB2 on the Wardroom side of Queen Street and we had to sling in a old garage, slinging billets in the huts were commandeered by the older elements, and such bunks as were available, went to Leading Hands.

    In '64, as a killick, I lived in messes of all three services. Tournai Barracks, in Aldershot was still composed of Victorian red brick, huge barn like rooms, with a few wash basins in the same building. We had to draw all our bedding, including mattress, and cart it across acres of gravel to our block. There were three of us, and after the first day's instuction, we donned towels and flip-flops, grabbed our dhobey kit, and went to find the bath-house - which proved to be hundreds of yards away. There were rows and rows of baths and a little old civvy sat just inside the door said to us, "You must be Matelots", which we confirmed, "I knew you were, no other b*****d comes over here". Despite being the "home of the ACC" the messing facilities were pretty dire too.
    Our Naval accommodation was Pembroke, which by the sixties had been tarted up a bit and wasn't too bad.
    When we joined RAF Halton, we were shown to our individual rooms where the beds had been made up and turned down!!! And they had a separate dining area, and a coffee lounge with comfy armchairs for Corporals!!
    The crabs always seemed to have a better deal than either the Army or Navy, but then their barracks weren't built in 1903!!

  8. The emergency mess in HMS Cochrane was a real shit hole I stayed for four nights and left with more than I joined with
  9. Most of the accommodation I have experience of has been at worst fit for purpose and at best very good. Granted some of the 4-man transit messes leave a lot to be desired but most of it was good. You could drip about anything and it is a part of Jacks' make up to drip but when you look at the standard of accom that the sprogs at Cliingwood live in they have nothing to complain about. A lot of the senior rates complained about their accom in Collingwood as well, but what is wrong with a single cabin ? It's a damn sight better than you will get onboard, and after all, we are talking abou tthe forces here, WTF do people expect? I have been put up (on an exercise) in Grimsby where we were 15 sleeping in bags on the floor of a nissen hut, did we drip? You bet we did, but amongst ourselves and had a good laugh despite it. It seems that with progress as things get better for the troops they want to bitch more. The "I know my rights" culture.
    This kind of dripping could be considered a bit girly, no?
    Let's face it, if you have a roof, clean sheets, a shower and hot food you have nothing to cry about.
  10. Yes Steve, they were real coke fires. On the mess Sweepers list there was an extra job, Stoker! He cleaned out the clinker and ash, made sure we had enough coke in for the day and lit the fire's.
    Much toast and tea was made on them.
    However, most of the mess got their "Muffin" ashore................. :wink: :lol:
  11. Oh God !! The talk of coke fires and long walks outside has just brought back memories of "Goon valley" at Ariel, Winchester.

    1st Christams in the mob, retard Xmas leave, snow on the ground, heads about 200 yards from the mess(?) and no letters home saying

    "Please mum, sell the pig and buy me out!""

    THe REALLY GOOD old days!!!
  12. When I was at Dartmouth 20 years ago, only 1 shower worked, but it was well decorated, dry and warm. Now I'm in the RNR and I have stayed in examples of all 3 services!

    Army - Never stayed in a good one, bucket of water to flush the heads anyone?

    Navy - Yes, there are a few dodgy transit messes, the most recent at Clyde, but they are all being pulled down and replaced with messes the RAF might consider!

    RAF - Always good, never seen a bad one! Do they just like to perpetuate the myth by only showing us the good ones, or do they have no bad?

    It seems a real shame to me that the only thing to knock Saddam of the news is the state of the accomodation! There are much bigger fish to fry, like no ships! The armed forces have to take advantage of their right to vote, they are I believe the least likely to vote in an election, tell their friends and family to do the same and vote for someone who will pledge to support the military!
  13. Yes Dartmouth was always dry and warm, but 40 years ago as cadets we slept in dormitories of 100 unless you were lucky enough to get one of the 4 or 8 berth cabins. All a bit of a shock if you hadn't been to an English Public school. As SLts we had single cabins and all the showers and heads worked. The most old fashioned was Chatham where all wardroon heating was with open coal fires. Most basic was Culdrose in the Ground Nut Scheme huts and the worst mess was RAF Abingdon. (Mind you that was my only RAF mess.
  14. The only times I have stayed in accommodation that I would consider less than adequate is anytime I have been with the Army. Their accommodation is really shameful. No matter what some would think - we have, and continue to do, extremely well by their standards.

  15. Pongo camp[is it still there] on the hill overlooking Faslane. Only drying was under the bed sheets a wet but a warm wet in the morning. Drying room was a unheated shit pit where your gear would walk[like most places] hence the bed.

    WARCOP training camp Cumbria. Discovering dead pigeons in water tank when tap turned on. Did they fall or where they pushed??

    Fuel allowance was two shovels of shite coal for those shite heaters that never fired.

    RAF Abingdon food was grand til the paras arrived then it turned to shite.
  16. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Any comments on present day RN/RM accommodation standards, single and MQs please post here. You never know who is reading (hopefully).
  17. Pinsley House (otherwise known as tampax Tower) at the former hms dryad was bloody horrible!
    no walls on the inside, just corridors with messes going off them - negat privacy!
    Dingy mouldy bathrooms, and lifts which never bloody worked- still going up the stairs kept u fit!!
    yep - gr8 accomodation and they had the cheek to charge the earth for the privilige of living there!
  18. Whilst extremely basic i quite liked the nissan huts at Gareloch head camp. Yes you have to walk 100yrds to the showers/toilets but they were always warm.

    Does anyone know if Brittania block is still there. I stayed in there for one night. I was lucky enough to get a single cabin. I was directed towards the bedding store and managed to find a single itchy blanket, no pillow, no sheets. No key for the door, couldnt shut the window, aaaahhhh the luxury.

    Also stayed at wathgill camp (part of the catterick garrison) and RAF Lechenfield (Humberside). Both were absolute shit holes that any asylum seeker would turn their noses up at!
  19. Also have to agree with noemis. I cant believe the reports that the four type 22s are set to go as well as 2 type 42's and MCMV's, not to mention HMNB Portsmouth.

    We're going to be no better than the Irish navy if it carries on like this!

    I always thought that labour were parasites, that said, its only the same as the conservatives were doing in the 80's.

    Get labour out for all our sakes.
  20. britannia blk still there - but a complete tip - new bldg in process!

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