I've plateaued at 9:30.. advice please

Nine and a half seconds is good by any stretch of the imagination. I managed to get it down to about 8 seconds once but that takes a lot of practice; hence my inability to replicate such a feat.

"A....n......d rest", as the club swingers would say.
I'm thinking of going to the doctor and asking if this is normal, but he's a moody cunt who will probably slam the door shut.
Naval doctor perchance?:-D
You've no one to blame but yourself if you fail the RNFT (Righteous Nuptials Fcuking Test.) get some endurance training done and eat nothing but millet.
Failing that disable the security settings on your e-mail account and you'll have hundreds of helpful poeple begging to assist you with sexual difficulties.:laughing2:

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