I've just won the Euromillions Lottery!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by BillyNoMates, Nov 17, 2012.

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  1. £2.80

    So don't all get with the begging letters and PM's.

    Off to the corner shop with my ticket to swap it for some packs of chewing gum.

    Lucky eh?
  2. Some people are just born lucky. :cheers:
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  3. Do you want to know what it feels like to win real money on the lottery?
    Ask me I got £7.10p.
  4. Brushes black cat adoringly.

    A tenner two weeks ago on the lottery. Just didn't know what to do. Only glad I ticked the 'No Publicity' Box.
  5. ST.jpg

    £98 four years ago.
  6. Bar Steward!!!!! Always some fucker has to get one over!
  7. I got it for £75 3 years ago :grin:
  8. Not a Black Cat but somewhat related:

    At the start of ISSC prior to joining my last ship the initial briefing was interrupted by an "important" phone call from one of my new messmates.
    I was forced to discuss, (in front of the course members and much to the annoyance of the instructors), whether or not I wanted to join the mess lottery.

    Obviously nobody took the piss out of me for the remainder of the course... oh no, that would never happen :tongue3:
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  9. Can't do the pretty pictures, but can boast about Premium Bonds, £100, £100, £75, over the last three months, and £50 so far this month. All in 25s, but the big one is just around the corner.:laughing9:

  10. The biggest "win" I had was here at work. We used to stick a quid in the kitty and pick a random Bonus Ball for the normal lottery. Anyway - the fu**ing thing kept on mounting up because no sod got it...until eventually the pot stood at £110. That Saturday, the Bonus ball was MINE all MINE. Nice little earner methinks (all cash in hand). I wasn't on shift (took a couple of days leave) and I was out of the house when some stupid bastard in the shift called me house and left a message on the answering maching. "Well done mate! You've just won £110 'cos your Bonus Ball's come up!".
    I get's back home to be informed by wife that, when I went back to work, there was a few quid extra to collect and it would;
    "come in handy for a few rolls of wallpaper etc for the living room".........................


    I've STILL not forgiven him for leavin' that message. He's retired now or else I would keep on hitting him on the back of the head with a rolled up newspaper.
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  11. A few years ago Sunday afternoon. War Office in bath, son doing homework in the dining room.
    I decided to check the pools coupon.
    Fuckin hell, 24 points, and I'm standing at the bottom of the stairs screaming for wife to get down here now as we here rich.
    Then the bomb shell the bastards had rigged the coupon and I had fuck all.
    I threw a fuckin strop the likes of has never been witnessed by man kind since Hitler came second at Stalingrad.

    So about two weeks later same kind of scenario, wife outside somewhere, son in bedroom me checking coupon.
    I have threatened to kill anyone who touched it and hid it in a place even I had trouble relocating it.
    Fuckin 24 points, so does the war dance and summoned the War Office to attend me on the quarterdeck (patio).
    After a full enquiry to make sure no one had touched the grail, I am dribbling thinking about the size of yacht I am going to buy.
    War Office says don't get excited it says premiums will be low.
    Yes but their idea of low is probably £1,000,000. instead of the usual 2 or 3.
    Got my check on the Thursday morning as is usual and was gutted when it was a paltry £12,765.90p.
    Everyone cannot understand why I am gutted at winning £12,000 odd quid, but my reasoning was that it took me nearly 30 years to get 24 points, would it ever happen again? Would it fuck.
    BUT, when Man U did the treble I did keep the faith the season before and had a £100 anti post bet.
    That brought me £7,800.and I was well chuffed.
    War Office took half and bollocked me for betting £100 in the first instance.
  12. I bought a scratchcard once a long time ago. Didn't win sod all, but I was off work with eczema for a month.
  13. £97 was my biggest win. Wife spent £300 of it!
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  14. Brought 5 quids worth of premium bonds when I left St. Vincent in '62, finally came up a couple of months ago £50. Wonder how I would have fared if I'd put in the building society.
  15. Lottery company

    Anyone interest in the £10 mill lotto this Sat wants to think about betting with these guys lottoland.co.uk . they have a sign-up offer that gives you money back if you lose, also euromillions on here, looks like a decent offer!!
  16. Money back if you lose? Hmmmmmmmmm.


    p.s. Won £25 on the first new-style lottery this Saturday. My wallet has never been so obese.
  17. I like the "new" lottery, the old lottery you bought a ticket for a quid and had fek all chance of winning, but it was only a quid, now to have fek all chance you have to pay two quid, adds a bit more drama to the purchase I think.

  18. More importantly! Where the hell have you been?
  19. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    You looked at the date, right?
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  20. Course I did, well done you passed the test! Doh!

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