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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Bods_A_Way, Feb 25, 2007.

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  1. I have just got my date to be sent to HMS Raleigh to do my basic, i cannot wait to get through this and get my arse on a sub!!!! :eek: However, i must say a big thanks to previous responses to my last post! You guys sure helped, but my mrs. i think is struggling a bit- anyone gt any non-crude ways of easing my time away from my beloved? I know she is behind me, but i need to give her some reassurance- like when will i get leave during my basic training (all [email protected] 10 months of it)? I bow down as always to the wit and knowledge of you guys.
  2. please don't call it a sub at Raleigh, it is a boat.
  3. lol Sorry the above guy couldn't be more helpful.

    I will try - Although I should warn you, I've not even finished my application form yet!

    First off, congratulations and good luck.

    Where did you get that Basic Training is 10 months?

    It is 8 weeks if you pass everything first time. You get a long weekend at the end of it (Friday Evening - Monday Morning).

    Then you go off to do your trade training at HMS 'X' - Depending what trade you're in for. The same applies here as the end of your 8 weeks basic training. You can do what you like after Friday's shift (As long as it doesn't breech Military Conduct and Law)... you can literally go off to Africa on a wildlife Safari as long as you're back in for Monday at whatever time your shift starts or whatever deadline they give.

    However, be warned, some weekends you will have your turn at guard duty and certain weekends could be stripped from you for disciplinary reasons. But I've heard they don't do this unless you've done something serious.

    Obviously when you're away on tours or operations, you won't be allowed home on weekends, etc. You're there to do your job then. But do not panic! - I've heard you get 2 weeks leave before and/or after a long tour or operation, so you can take your lovely Submariners pay and whisk your wife away to a romantic hot-spot of your choosing.

    Lastly, this is the part you need to accept - Personally I think a Man/Woman is married to another Man/Woman or Military Service. I think only the strongest of bonds survive the time spent apart. Don't get me wrong, you see plenty of one-another when you're not on tours or operations, but obviously not at all on tours and operations and on Submarines it's worse, you don't even get to speak or write.

    So I would reassure her honestly - If you genuinely think you've got the relationship strong enough to last and the love to keep yourselves in each others hearts whilst away, then you've got nothing to worry about, and the time apart will soon fly as you look forward to seeing each other, NOT dreading being apart!

    Look on the plus side too. How many marriages are old and withered by the middle ages of it? Where couples have spent day-in and day-out under each others feet. At least when you and your wife see each other you'll enjoy every glorious minute of it!

    Hope I've been a small amount of help with my naive, strictly limited experience! lol

    Good luck again mate!
  4. Cheers, i am sure ill enjoy the boat. I talk about ten months because that is the total amount of time my training will take from raleigh to Sultan incl. my 4 months at sub school, i work it out to be 10 months.

    Cheers for the advice

  5. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    If that's how it is at home you're doing it wrong [but you'll fit in perfectly on a Submarine...] :lol:
  6. Don't worry about getting randy onboard. There are loads of Stokers.... Just ask to see the Golden Rivet and remember you'll need to bow down, just like at home... However if hairy, beefy Stokers are not your thing then I suggest you visit either THIS THREAD or alternately THIS THREAD for guidance.
  7. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Oooh, lots of pretty colours... :shock:
  8. 1. Where did you get that info dunkers? I have been looking everywhere co I want a new car and I dont know whether my S/M pay will cover it?

    2. Bods, I have been in for 21 years and wifey has followed me all over the country. She hated Portsmouth but only had to put up with it for 7 months. She love Scotland and will stay here now if I get sent down south. Some pearls of wisdom for her,

    A. Its not always easy. Plans change at short notice and you both have to be flexible. Take out holiday insurance with Forces Travel, it will cover you if you get a last minute draft and have to cancel.

    B. She will be better off staying at home (wherever that is) until you get your first draft to a boat. Then, if she wants to see more of you, move her up into married quarters to allow her to get used to the place and possibly find a job/schools etc. Then try your hardest to get yourself on the housing market. Your initial wage wont be great but will increase quickly.

    C. Before you volunteer for anything, ask her. Get her involved in the way you run your career but be simpathetic towards hers.

    D. Never go to sleep on an argument, always talk it through, even if it takes all night and dont be too hasty to get family services involved. Work things out yourself.

    We were together before I joined up and it was the best thing either of us ever did. The kids are happy, she has a career and friends, we can always visit home if we want, our parents can visit us (when we let them)

    Its not all rosey but the good out weighs the bad in most cases.

    And remember, "You never dip out in the Navy, but sometimes other people dip in more than you!!!"
  9. Is that true? I thought when you've done your 6 months they'd give you some kind of desk job at Faslane or somewhere like that until you go out again? So if your girl's not following you around all over the place, it'd only be weekends really, thats still less than normal people get even when you're not on on tour.

    I agree with what you're saying though. The only thing that puts me off the submarine service (or service in general) is never seeing that certain special someone. Don't get me wrong i understand your pro's, but it seems a bit unfair on them to leave them for 6months and then be in a different part of the country the rest of the time.

    Can it really work? Don't you kind of need to choose between the service or having a girlfriend/wife/family etc? Maybe its best to leave all that until later?
  10. I thought that was your Section Chief....
  11. Bods_A_Way, Well done at getting your date.

    Although you probably will get on boats, please remember that you serve at Her Majesties pleasure, and they will send you where they need you when you complete your trade training which may NOT be to the sundodger school and you may end up in gerneral service on surface ships, on the plus side more people join the mob to see the world not the inside of a black pig, so you will probably become one of the great unwashed.

    Good luck in raleigh, hope you can wash and iron
  12. I joined the Navy in 1974
    I joined Submarines in 1979
    I met my wife in 1983
    I got Married in 1986
    I have served on both Bombers and SSNs
    I'm still serving in boats so I think that by now I have got my relationship as close as i can to right.
    The only tips I can give you that hasn't been given before in this thread is that you need mutual trust between you and your wife.
    She will also need the support of family and friends whilst you are away, so never ever, when you are at home, stop or get in the way of her staying in contact with either her friends or family. Not only does she need them while your away, you need them to see how well she is being supported whilst your not there.

    Good Luck in the career path you have chosen.

    :idea: Thought for the day
    More people have died in cars than they have in submarines.
  13. Hey there,

    Just read the section about retention in the RN from the link above. I am sat here laughing my balls off. Why? well I am awaiting a date to join as a MA (SM). Hopefully September intake which is all good.

    May i draw your attention to paragraph 3.41 "For Submariners, despite the success of FRIs and other measures under the 2002
    Submariner Manning and Retention Review, shortages persisted for Nuclear
    Watchkeepers (particularly Category B where the FRI had been extended to 2008),
    Lieutenants (Warfare Branch), Marine Engineering Artificers and MEDICAL ASSISTANTS (now receiving a £10,000 retention bonus for three years return of service).

    Is this true? Can anyone from inside confirm this for me?

    Your wise words are respected.

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