ITV: "The Entente Cordiale Takes To The Seas"

The following is a cut and paste from your source Sol.

Nearly a third of the Royal Navy fleet is positioned off the coast of France today for a major exercise with the French military.

Six British ships and 3,000 UK military personnel are taking part in Exercise Corsican Lion to develop the joint naval force being set up by Britain and France.

Please tell me this is a mistake as I still do require to sleep a little at night.
So we have 23 ships apart from sweepers and patrol vessels.
Excuse the thread drift but do you know anywhere I can obtain either a Russian or Chinese passport.
And now I just began to like submariners, but only the serving ones.
Please see the Gash barge for thoughts on ex submariners.
Very interesting...

The Royal Navy, currently operating without an aircraft carrier, has sailors on board the French carrier Charles de Gaulle. Britain will not have a carrier in its fleet until it takes delivery of the Queen Elizabeth, currently under construction in Scotland...

Reporters travelling with the Defence Secretary have been told there is "no time" to film him when he visits the French aircraft carrier.
So who decided to get rid of our last aircraft carriers prematurely?
Whilst not an Ostrich, I have never made it a priority in life to monitor the strength of the RN.
When occasionally the curtain is lifted you get either a surprise or shock.
Today was shock day.
Added to the thought that Britain (sorry England) could be devoid or depleted of its nuclear deterrent for a while, immigration becomes more attractive by the hour.


Lantern Swinger
Blimey it was a lot warmer and sunnier when I was out there yesterday. 20C :)

Spent the morning watching cats and traps on the Charles de Gaulle. Very envious. Harriers off the ski ramp and coming to a hover to land was always impressive... but when I think "carriers", I think "catapults and arrestor wires".
I do envy you, remember my time on both the Arks, somehow watching the F4K Phantoms being catted was a joy to watch. i had the priviledge of being catted off Ark in the COD what an experience. Also remember when on the last Ark exercising with the Charles De Gaulle, they couldn't take off due to the weather, but our Harriers were able to operate with impunity.
Hello, just registered on here and reviewed the posts. This one took my eye.

Let's say it's 2020 or thereabouts and we actually have a fully operational carrier back in service and it's even got a dozen or more F35B's that also work to spec. Let's also hypothesize that we need to go and take back some islands from someone. (Perhaps Australia has illegally invaded New Zealand, or something). What would be the likely composition of our task force? I'm mainly interested in the ships necessary to defend the carrier. You can choose up to 6 type 45 destroyers, up to 13 Type 23 Frigates and maybe a few Astute class subs. Plus anything else you know of. (I'm not sure what would be available in 2020, but it surely won't be more than that!)

EDIT: That's the RN on it's own, don't rely on those frenchies or anyone else.
Taking the cost if trying to run an aircraft carrier with whatever is left of the defence budget, I imagine that we might be able to afford as many ad three canoes manned by sea cadets and a couple of makeshift rafts on which will be the victualling and spare gear that such a mahoosive farce torce will require...possibly.
Just looked at 2012 Bridge Card, how sad, we have gone from the seagoing fleet of the 60's to nothing. Our politicians have alot to answer for. Who the hell would want to be in the mob today.
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