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ITV: "Royal Navy Under 'Significant Manpower Pressure'"


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"The First Sea Lord, Admiral Zambellas, has acknowledged that the Royal Navy is "under significant manpower pressure". He said in a statement:

"It is quite true that the Royal Navy is under significant manpower pressure, in key specialist skills to meet today's commitments.

This is a recognised leadership and management challenge that is part and parcel of the Royal Navy's renaissance, and we are working closely within and across defence to meet that challenge, but also to chase the opportunities it offers. But, I do not expect it to throw us off track."

Royal Navy under 'significant manpower pressure' - ITV News
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I worry that this will result in a new demand for 'simple' ships like OPVs that are no use for war-fighting. Remember previous efforts to get ships and aircraft on the cheap like the Type 14s and the Short Seamew.

Also, the esteemed Pongo seems to miss the point that the proposed Cameronian intervention in Syria had no clear aim, no prospectus of success, and indeed no statement of what was to be targeted; and that our efforts in Afghanistan, brave as the boys and girls have been, will turn out to be a sad waste of people and a colossal waste of money for no useful result at all as we hand the place back to a crooked drug dealer who has to cede swathes of the country back to the Taliban to save his own neck. Perhaps.
we hand the place back to a crooked drug dealer who has to cede swathes of the country back to the Taliban to save his own neck. Perhaps.

Yeah; but that's democracy. If it's democratic, Sammy Septic is 90% happy and that's what matters.

Gen Nick;
"The government has set an ambitious agenda for the Royal Navy and Royal Marines, through the new carriers with our Royal Air Force partners, new strategic submarines, new attack submarines, new frigates, destroyers and tankers, and more - all part of the post-Afghanistan strategic security construct and the need to meet our long-term international responsibilities.

We've got the "new" attack submarines and destroyers but, ironically, in insufficient numbers. Unless we do a Canada and run on the T23s, we need the new frigates. We have also painted ourselves into a corner on MARS. The only ponderable in his list is the V Boat successor. The Government needs to give serious thought to taking the Deterrent out of the core Defence Budget (but not the money) and funding and managing as a seperate entity. The "free Jockland" question creates the ideal opportunity.


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It is refreshing to know that the top of the chain is aware of the manpower situation. What's annoying is, now that CDS has popped his head above the parapet and said the RN is closest to a problem, what does 1SL do? Says there is a bit of a problem but it's nothing we can't manage and sort. Rubbish! There's nothing in the pipeline to get the RN through the next five years without it getting much worse in some branches. This was the perfect chance to flag up the problem and push the politicos to take some action.

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