ITV: Duke Of York Set For Daredevil Abseil Down The Shard For RM Charity

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by soleil, Jul 13, 2012.

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  1. Obviously still got some bottle
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  2. Bet he took a helicopter to the top and another one home on finishing.................cnut
    He is a total waste of space and taxes
  3. He only got worried when he looked up and saw Fergie with a knife in her hand :)
  4. Leaping off tall buildings is happily not in my job description anymore ... not the sort of thing I want to do (along with bungy jumping and jumping out of a perfectly servicible aircraft ... except perhaps with a stunt double) so agree with Sumo that he still has a lotta bottle.

    But it still remains that he is a big tit and I bet he tries to claim "air miles" for the time he's off terra firma!
  5. Excellent cause but ******* whoopee, no doubt dreamed up by one of his PR advisors.
  6. Airmiles Andy has never doe anything for anyone but his freeloading self. I stand by my last HE IS A CNUT!
  7. There is nothing wrong with my attitude where Armed Forces charities are concerned.

  8. I think it would be naive of anyone to think that it was Windsor’s idea and that's my point.

    As you say all donations are very much appreciated on that we can wholeheartedly agree.

    I prefer to sit in front my PC and donate, I hope that's acceptable?
  9. I think the problem with Andy is for the lads that served with him, he was lets say a poor DO!!!! And thats being kind .Unlike his elder Bro. Who was a good egg!!!
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  10. So enlighten me, how much of his own brass has airmiles Andy donated?
  11. While others are hero worshipping.
  12. Just seen that on the TV News, took a bit of doing that and rather him than me, at least it has reportedly made £300,000. Not to be sniffed at by any charity.
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  13. One of the nice things about RR is that we are all entitled to our opinions. The fact that one opinion may differ from another does not mean that either opinion is without merit.
    Both Charles and Andrew served in the RN during my time, one was highly regarded the other not.
    I am afraid that nothing Airmiles Andy does will ever change my opinion that he is a total waste of space and tax payers money, in the real world he would be hard pushed to earn a crust.
    I reckon more would agree with me than disagree.
  14. And a bloody good ship handler

  15. I was using his travel costs (which all taxpayers contribute to) as a measure of his worth. He may have raised £300K for charity but his overall value to the country as a Paid for Royal.
    Both him and his ex are professional free loaders taking much and giving very little.
    His free travel should be stopped and he should be made to exist on his more than adaquate handout from the Queen

    I stand by my earlier statement, he is a waste of space.
  16. I think that sums it up, I never met anyone who had a good word to say about him when he was serving, then we have his escapades since, not the most popular Windsor by a long shot.

    Having said that I am sure the cash raised will be gratefully received.

  17. Who didnt like Submariners, bit of a bastard when Bronington was in Faslavertory.

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