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ITV Dating show



We want to find interesting SINGLE people in their 20s and 30s who are up for a TV dating experience.

We are particularly looking for MEN in the ARMED FORCES but we are open to other great characters.

If you’re ATTRACTIVE, have lots of PERSONALITY and are up for meeting someone new - GET IN TOUCH NOW! You never know you could meet the person of your dreams!

If any of your friends fit the bill then please forward them these details!

To apply you must email your PICTURE & PHONE NUMBER to errol.ettienne @
Or call and leave your details on 020 7737 8842
bezza99 said:
If you’re ATTRACTIVE, have lots of PERSONALITY

That just about describes me perfectly! :boogie:

I won't be applying though, the phrase "I already have a life" springs to mind!

Although, if it's a "reality" TV show, shouldn't you add: loser, dysfunctional, schizo, desperate, attention-seeking . . .

edited for typo

And can I add that any serving member of the forces needs permission from their PR Office before they can make any contact with the media, even if it's for a dating game show. :love3:

Cilla Black isn't presenting it is she?


Lantern Swinger

Nothing against you personally but I for one am sick to the back bloody teeth of reality TV. It is unimaginative, boring, cheap crap designed to feed the pond life of the media created sub culture that exists in the UK today. Can't you be creative and deliver something worthwhile and challenging onto our screens rather than perpetuating the money making monster of Big Brother, Celebrity Love Island (give me strength!), Strictly come X factor soapstar superstar rubbish? Ask yourself the question 'Does the UK need yet another reality show'? The media really need to clutch in to the fact these programmes have had their day and to keep flogging this very dead horse smacks of laziness and total contempt for the viewing public. Words cannot express how completley and utterly bored and pissed off I am with what you present as entertainment. Take a stand and do something worthwhile with the life you have, something that you can be proud of and something that will bring you respect!


War Hero
????? WTF???? More bloody Spam?? I suppose we should consider it a sign that RR is getting more and more successful. Maybe we should make them pay for the advertising slot.



War Hero
Reality TV.Lets go around the country with a camera team and collect up all the Illegal immigrants,stick them on a train to France and film it!Thats the reality TV i want to see!!!!Not some inbred brainless fat arsed trollop or a washed up foreign Actress whinging about a few home truths!


War Hero
I won it last time and it wouldn't be fair to put my name forward again. Besides I've got me garden to do and stuff! :relax:
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