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"Actor and comedian Adrian Edmondson continues his exploration of our island nation’s harbours and ports. In this episode he sails the waterways where the River Thames meets the sea, the Thames Estuary, once the most important trading route in the world.

Ade starts his journey at Chatham Dockyards, back in the 1500s the dockyards off the estuary were famous for shipbuilding and for over four hundred years the Royal Navy’s ships were built at Chatham. At its peak it employed thousands of men and women from shipwrights and carpenters, through to flag and rope makers.

Ade meets master rope maker Fred Cordier to ‘learn the ropes’ and find out how rope makers played their part supporting the navy’s fleet of warships, including Nelson’s HMS Victory."

Ade at Sea Episode 2 | presscentre
"Actor and comedian Adrian Edmondson continues his exploration of our island nations harbours and ports. In this episode Ade sails the coastline around Bridlington, once a town famed for its huge fish industry in the North Sea but that has more recently turned to shellfish to survive.

Ade joins lobster and crab fisherman Peter Sanderson at work in the North Sea. Peter’s family have fished these waters since the 1600s and he gives Ade an insight into life working at sea and how shellfish has transformed their industry.

Once back on land, Ade tracks down a fishing boat that’s got a special historical connection to Bridlington, Three Brothers, a Yorkshire Coble. Built over one hundred years ago the flat-bottomed boat was typical of many launched by local fishermen from the beach into the choppy North Sea conditions.

Local fishermen weren’t the only men putting their lives at danger for a living in Bridlington. Ade takes to the cliffs of Flamborough Head to learn about a perilous pursuit called climming that involved local men hanging by rope to collect eggs from nesting seabirds. He meets Roy Artley whose dad was one of the last to work these cliffs in the 1950s and views some fantastic archive film of him in action.

The perils of the North Sea are well known. Bridlington Lifeboat have been saving lives since 1805 and it’s still run by local men willing to risk their lives to save others. Ade joins the RNLI team at Bridlington as they head out to sea on a training drill only to find himself ending up in the water and being winched up into the air by a RAF helicopter."

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"Episode four

Ade continues his voyage around Britain’s ports and harbours as he takes to the Bristol Channel. This passage is the most dangerous shipping lane in the world and has the second highest tidal range of almost fifteen metres.

In his ex-RNLI lifeboat Chieftain, Ade rides the waves and learns of the historic sailors who used to navigate these waters and guide ships to safe passage, known as the Pilots of Pill. He travels into the port of Barry to meet the men, who centuries on, still have the skills and knowledge of the local waters. Ade joins them as they take to sea, jump on-board and pilot a large cargo ship through the narrow paths and locks of the Bristol Channel.

Ade then braves the treacherous tides and cold temperatures of the channel as he gets on a wetsuit and joins a group of female swimmers tackling the open water. He learns how two local ladies surprised everyone in the 1920’s, as they became the first people to cross the Bristol Channel.

Ade travels to Black Rock to meet a group that are preserving a traditional method of salmon fishing using a contraption called a lave net. During the low tide the channel exposes large areas of mud, sand and salt marshland. He wades out in the fast moving tidal water but will he make a catch?

Before leaving the Bristol Channel, Ade takes an exhilarating sail on-board Olga, one of the few surviving traditional pilot cutter boats that worked the channel hundreds of years ago."

Ade at Sea Episode 4 | presscentre
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