You lot be careful okay? Any slips, trips, disasters or other mishaps can be
posted here on the 14th - if you haven't broken too many limbs that is.



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Depends which gate you plan on using - PM me for tips and advice... :twisted: Anyway, you won't get touched; MOD Plod and Provost know that all bubbleheads go weekenders on Wednesdays! Although you could get the EOD van to bluelight it through Unicorn Gate and drop you off at the station..? :wink:
Ha ha.... get fucked. Days over and alls good.

Enjoy. :)
Ha! I wish! ... The amount of Mongs, Numbnuts and Idiots allowed out on their own today is inversely proportional to Friday 13th ... there was me quite prepared to take up residence in my office for the day, minding my own business and drinking coffee (I even bought a new jar yesterday) ... but noooooo ... the daft sods have been running amoke and I have had to spend the day sorting out the crap! Doh!

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