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It's Yorkshire Day!

I think it is long overdue for Yorkshire to have its' own parliament - couldn't do any worse than the bunch of t**ts in London, Scotland, Wales and N Ireland and plenty of proper home grown talent to fill the seats - be a bit like the Yorkshire cricket team of old (before they let ANYONE play whether they were a Yorkshireman or not).

Come on you Tykes!
Nutty said:
Maxi_77 said:
Nutty said:
Ta Northerns an Jocks are bit tender today

Luv and Hugs


Gentleman OD

Not so much tender as pointing out the realities of life.



But there is no Life North of Oxford Street, London W1 only existance


OK then having tried such places as Royal Berks, Pompey, Dorset and Devon, give me existance any day, it is far better than life.

Legend has it that, when the Gods made England, they practiced it on Lanc...ire, achieved perfection with Yorkshire, and threw the dross down south. Seems sound enough to me!
Nutty said:
I will repeat againg to you Yorkie Bars, Jocks, Brummies, Scouse Gits and all others:

Civilization starts at Brighton, West Sussex, Then goes north until you reach the River Thames where it stops. North of that you have a "No Mans Land" between the River Thames and Oxford Street, London W1. Any where to the north of that is full of strange accented, clog and skirt wearing weirdos who keep ferrets and pigeons and eat strange items such as Black Pudding, pease pudding, mushy peas, haggis, deep fried batter mars bars etc. And the worst crime drink frothy crap beer out of kegs not real ale out of barrels.

A Southern Gentleman Nutty

Well I have 'lived' in Scotland for 7 years..........though the good part of Scotland starts anywhere north of Rosyth. My father in law is a Yorkshire man (I cannot add any kind words at all here so will let that lie........), My wife was born in Pompey....................

My thoughts are civilisation is ALL the southern counties until the south bank of the Thames minus Pompey which has been likened to a northern town as it is so different from most southern towns (too many shops selling white trackies & baseball caps). We will muddle through as a loose federation.
Aw bless. The old North V South Discussion.

I was born in Yorkshire and have now lived in Hants over half my life. Each place has its pros and cons. At the end of the day we all have one thing in common...


from Berwick to Lands end What a F**kin great place!!

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