Its who you know, not what.

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Rumrat, Feb 26, 2010.

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  1. So who have we all met who's famous and how?

    When I came out the mob I worked at a place that was funded by NATO, but was fuck all to do with the military, quite the opposite, it was CCMS, Community Challenge to Modern Society. An advanced waste water project. (Shi1t treatment)
    It involved bringing a land rover into position on a fuck off big mobile treatment tank using a remote consul like a remote car on a string.
    The queen and Philip come to open plant and I have to give demo with Land Rover.
    Philip comes up and starts a chat with me. I had not had a tot so had nowt to say.
    He makes small talk and I said to him that we had met before .
    Really he said where?
    I said at Victory Arena in 73, don't you remember?, ..No he said.
    Well thats strange I said, I remember you.
    Boss nearly died on spot I started grinning, and Philip fucked off laughing his cock off. :D
  2. Met Paul Gascoigne in a hotel bar in Izmir the day before an England game. Don't care what anyone says he was a top chap, far more friendly than the other arrogant tossers.

    Had knowledge of a lady who said she'd had the pleasure with Ollie Reid. OK, didn't meet him, but surely stirring his custard is better? I like that one and just hope it's true.

    Most exciting though, I saw Steve Davies (Davis?) the snooker bloke doing a crossword in the Gloucester Arms in Kensington.

    We didn't speak.
  3. At a Prince's Trust gig at the Royal Albert Hall......

    Chatted to the guy standing next to me while waiting to get a programme

    Michael Caine
  4. I've met quite a few thinking about it.

    David Coverdale, singer from Deep Purple and Whitesnake. He was born where i live and lives in the local area, used to come into my old work with his wife for dinner quite often. Cracking chap and never hesitated to get the pints in!

    Brian Lara, at a signing back when i lived down in Andover. Got him to sign my cricket bat, cant really remember it as it was when i was 10.

    Robin Smith, Hampshire and England Cricketer. Also when i lived down south, got his autograph on the same cricket bat as Brian Lara. Also met most of the other Hampshire players at the time as there was regular sponsored games at my local ground.

    I also saw Dale Winton in the airport when i was going to America, was awfully orange.

    Edit: also Shane Warne. He was talking to my Dad at a Game, he was a right cnut.
  5. I had to appear before a (cough cough) er magistrate, and I could not take my eyes of him. In the end he asked me if there was a problem.
    I couldn't say "Yes" he might have ripped my head off, as sitting up there looking down at me was Geoff Capes. 8O :roll:
  6. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Bet he didn't have much to say, he's been dead a while now.

    Edited to say that reports of his death were only in janners mind. I have no idea who I was thinking of :oops:
  7. ? When?
  8. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    See above :oops:
  9. Ah. I thought those bloody Zulus had got him at last :)
  10. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I now have a problem, I'm trying to remember which actor died recently that has confused my rapidly decaying brain cells
  11. Have a little lie down Janner.

    The nurse will be along in a moment with a nice cup of tea :wink:
  12. I hope it doesnt, but if your mind works a little like mine, I used to get Michael Caine mixed up with Edward Woodward when I was a nipper?
  13. Mine are pretty sh1t!

    These 2 while working in motor way service area;

    A nobody from Big Brother, Tim I think. - I bet none of you remember him but he was a ginger who dyed his hair and shaved his chest. Was a proper cnut right up his own hoop.

    Audley Harrison - Big lad!

    While I was at school we were visited by Sharron Davies (miserable bitch) and Kris Akabusi (Awoooga - He was an energetic chap)

    Saw Steve Harmison at Newcastle airport new years day just gone, although I only realised it was him 2 days later.

    Saw Gary Mabbutt filling up his Range Rover at Leigh Delamere services, big hero of mine as a lad... I shit me self and nodded to him and scampered back to my car!

    Saw Marcus Trescothick in a Tesco in Taunton shopping with his Mrs (who is gopping) when he should of been touring with England.

    Andy Caddick at Cribbs Causeway in Bristol - fuckin tall bloke and a right misery!

    Told you they were poo!
  14. Met Michael Owen and Nicky Butt in the Marriot Hotel in Canary Wharf last year (or maybe the year before?) the night before Newcastle went to the Emirates. Owen seemed like a bit of an arrogant c*ck but Nicky Butt was actually ok - kept checking out all the chicks from my office (none of whom were particularly attractive).

    Had a chat with Josh Lewsey on the Metropolitan line a few weeks ago. Thoroughly decent chap and happy to talk about his forthcoming scaling of Mount Everest.

    Last but certainly not least, i literally smashed into Sonya from Eastenders outside my office a few months ago. She's pretty rank.
  15. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Thats yer man, Edward Woodward, thats probably who Sol. was talking to anyway :cry:
  16. Thats the conclusion Im coming to aswell... I mean there's no way you'd get that wrong?
  17. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I met Michael Owen at Clacket Lane Services on the M25 last year; I was in the washroom having just 'dropped the kids off at the pool' and he comes up behind me and slaps me hard across my arse!

    I turned around and shouted at him: "Hey! You're a little forward, aren't you..?!"

    :shock: :twisted:
  18. Was in the same pub as Jeremy Clarkson in London. Nodded to him whilst at the bar and he nodded back. He wasn't too happy when I said "alright Tiff" but he saw the funny side.
  19. BOOM BOOM!
  20. I've heard the same about Nicky Butt, my mate is a bar manager in Tiger Tiger in Newcastle, apparently he dishes out £50 tips for fun and never leaves with a bar bill less than £1000. He also said Anton Ferdinand is a complete toss wit, thick as fuck and arrogant to boot.

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